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It is an amazing feeling I have as I sit at my desk--about to go over to a group and speak my qualification. I truly cannot believe how much has changed in these 11+ months. I have new friends. I have a new life. I have recovery. I have a higher power that I call God.

So many said that this is a bridge back to life--yet I feel it is a bridge to a new life.

Yes, I still have my family and loved ones. But all of my friends have changed.

I do not judge.

I just realize there are those that are more sick and suffering and to that end...I do hope they find their way.

I do not have a big enough ego to think I can help those who do now want help.

Unless you have stared at the abyss--about to lose everything you ever cared will not know what gratitude means. In my opinion.

i am so thankful to the program, the rooms and fo finally feeling some solace and peace of mind.

I am happier beyond my wildest dreams---drink and smoke free.

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It's a great feeling to feel at peace- I find it very humbling.
Congratulations and welcome to SR Agr8Dad

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thanks for shareing your gratitude with us.please come down to our other Forums too...
Congratulations on your new life...
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Thank you for your inspiring post, and welcome to SR
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