Grateful to be Here

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Grateful to be Here

After celebrating 33 years of sobriety , I'm grateful to be here typing this note thanking my fellow alcoholics, support system, and Higher power for getting those second chances to get it right this time.

Have a great day everyone.

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to our recovery community Doc
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Hey Doc, Happy Birthday and congrats on an amazing 33 years of sobriety!

7 2 3

So tell us how you did it! Lemme guess, one day at a time, right? Dang, that's like 12,045 days! Welcome to SR Doc!
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Holy smoke! Beyond wonderful!

I'll be only 93...

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Its great to hear of long term sobriety amongst us alkies! Thanks for sharing it with us - Congratulations! 2
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Congratulations Doc!

You're a true inspiration.
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Life the gift of recovery!
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Welcome to SR! Always great to see someone who shows that it can be done. Thanks
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Right on, Docdragon. How did ya do it though???
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Life is Grand
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Yeah, how DID you do it?
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Congrats! you ROCK! Sheila
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welcome to our community doc! I am happy you found us. Let us get to know you better. Wanna share your story sometime?
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Ah, Whats up Doc!

what time did you get up today? (wink)

congratultions on a few years living rightly, and welcome to the family...

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WOW..... congrats Doc.... you amaze me and I am glad you are here.....................
Little Penguin
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Jeez, 33 years... congrats.
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