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SerenityRiver 01-08-2018 09:52 AM

Trans male or cis female or non binary ?
Am struggling with gender issues at the moment i thought i was male but the last week or so i felt female joined an ca meeting for women i cant go back there now as i feel am not female but male someone i get support from is female unsure if i can still get support from her unsure if i can get support from a man or what i have put my name down for counselling at the LGBT centre very confused about what i want to do have already came out to everyone apart from my mother who at the moment am not talking to am unsure if i can change my name because i have already changed my name once before as my birth name causes me distress and at the time i felt more female so its a women name
i live in Scotland so i dont know very much about changing names through the court i need to ask my pastor about it he is Female to male and knows all about that i see him tomorrow hopefully he can advise me unsure if the law has changed in that time when i changed my name i did it through the register of births so i dont know my mum attitude toward LGBT people is bad she hates everyone most of the time but hate LGBT people more i think because my mum is the way she is she can be very manipulative sometimes and i dont want to deal with her so am not going to get in touch with her or any other members of my family who am having a hard time with at the moment makes

fini 02-08-2018 06:14 PM

hello GMS,

take a deep breath:)
gender identity stuff can be hard and overwhelming, and i hope you will give yourself the time and space to settle...maybe you don't need a definitive answer right now, and maybe you don't fall into any of the more clear-cut categories.
it's okay.
a lot of things are just fluid for some of us.

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