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Recognize a milstone and respect it!

Good afternoon Fam!

My post is about milstones. Recently, I've come to another stage in this process in which I've never been before. In my many attempts to gain a sober state of living; i've never managed to get pass the 3yr itch! With one hell of a sponsor and an unusual group of fellow sobriety searches. I've managed to surpass this vicious cycle on April, 11th. Yaaaaaah! So with humility; I sugguest, to recognize a milstone, recognize that you've never been in it before and be open to the experience it teaches you. Today I remember that; there is always a first time for this guy in recovery. I never really know what to do; however, I do stay open to sugguestion and from people who like myself manage to make it through on day. Without the use of a drink or the consumption of a drug.

Progess not profection- Hee-Hee! perfection!
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Hi Silkyrock

Your post is very inspiring. It's so good to recognise milestones and to give yourself a pat on the back. Recovery can be hard work and challenging

I have a slightly different view. To be perfectly honest, I don't know my exact sobriety date. According to my journals, it's in February 2009, but according to my SR posts it's a couple of months later.

It's confusing, but it doesn't bother me, in fact it's exactly what I wanted when I committed myself to recovery: to lose myself in the journey. I wanted my life to stop revolving around drinking/not drinking as, to me, both can become obsessive. So I've learnt my limitations, alcohol is off limits for me, I've moved forward and haven't looked back. It has been simple in practice than in theory. I'm not a drink away from falling back into the trap because I simply can't drink,

That's how I get through each day: by reigning in my arrogance, and by humbly accepting my limitations. To a perfectionist such as myself, adopting this attitude is a huge relief: I no longer have to be perfect. Like you said, progress, not perfection.

Like my good SR friend taught me: "counting days is for prisoners"

That's what works for me. Thanks, your post gave me much to think about.

Regards, M. - Welcome to the GLBT forum!
If it's a question of faith: Do you love or do you hate?
"Counting days is for prisoners" - Scott
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I've been coming to this way of thinking, too. While also noticing how amazingly life can flow when it's flowing--in any direction--good stuff, painful stuff, challenging stuff, grief stuff, miraculous stuff, sometimes all together.

I don't really count days either. For one reason I'm on suboxone so I think of it a little differently--definitely as recovery just not day counting. I also know my own perfectionistic/fanatic tendencies and know I would get too caught up in the "perfection" of days and that would make me hate myself and fail.

Finally, I have slipped while on suboxone so I don't have a "perfect" clean time. But I finally realized that I too really needed to celebrate the stuff that counts, the milestones that really have meaning for me. And so I am celebrating almost six months off oxy and five and a half off dilaudid. As these were my primary, absolute drugs of choice, it really is a BIG DEAL and something to celebrate!

So, hooray for me! And all of us!
No act of kindness is ever wasted

SR is for those who are struggling. Dee

What is addiction really? It is a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. It is a language that tells us about a plight that must be understood. Alice Miller

I am a Pandora's Box of Paradox.
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Thanks so much for responding. One of the things I worried most about; while connecting online is that my thoughts and feelings will just linger in cyberspace.Glad you read my post and sent some positive feed back. Well today is a new day. I'm up pretty early on a Saturday. I'm in a little pain. One of my legs have a pinched nerve; which is leaving one of my feet to feel kind of numb. Of course when there is a moment of vunerability the disease of addiction steps in an has all of these quick fast schemes to make the pain go away faster. My recovery mind has shown me, that the disease always has all of these bright ideas. The disease can come up with all these master plans on how to get the ball rolling; however, it never has a place to stay, or money to support it's brilliant get it fast schemes. When in the pass, I would support the diseases schemes with my own money( and other peoples) till there wasn't anymore. We would use my apartment until I didn't have one. Then when all was said and done, the disease was no where to be found. Hmmmmmmmm! Yeah! I think I'm gonna keep this up front until I feel better. Thanks for reading

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