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So frustrated

I am so frustrated and angry. It does not have me thinking of going out and blowing my sobriety because that will not change anything but it does have me discouraged and angry and I just don't know what to do with that anger right now other than vent a bit.

I was approved for disability last month due to my PTSD that was the result of the many years I worked in the medical field combined with some childhood issues. That should be a good thing but with it comes the in my face results of DOMA and the discrimination that comes with that. I received Medicare with my disability because the disability date went back far enough for me to start receiving it right away. But I already have insurance through my partners employer which is better coverage than I can get through Medicare. So I checked into it and found that if a person is straight and married and their partner/spouse has them covered with health insurance then they can drop the Medicare part B and D without any penalties but in any other case if the Medicare part B and D is dropped then once one needs it or turns 65 then they have to pay a penalty/fine each year because they declined the coverage earlier. So because I am gay and not allowed to be married in my state and even if I was allowed to be married in my state the federal government would not recognize my relationship as married which means I have to choose to pay the penalty of paying an extra $150 a month for part B and D or wait and pay likely a higher penalty when I am even less able to afford it. So I am being penalized and discriminated against once again by my own government because I am gay.

Sometimes I hate bigots and all that comes with them. Why can't people just live and let live? Why do they have to be so hateful and cruel? Why can't they just leave us alone and let us live our lives without having to suffer their discrimination every time we turn around? Why do they have to try to force us to live under their interpretation of the Bible? I thought this was supposed to be a free Country with religious freedom and separation of church and state. I am so tired of this......
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Originally Posted by nandm
So I am being penalized and discriminated against once again by my own government because I am gay.
I agree nan and it's criminal. It is for exactly this reason that all couples must be able to have the right to be legally married. There are many many other legal rights lost as a result of people being denied this basic right.

I'm sorry this is happening to you. I keep hoping that surely change is coming, but far too many suffer in the meantime.

This really p!sses me off.
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We do live in unfairness. Sometimes brutal and cruel unfairness. I'm glad that you're venting.

I'm currently live in one of the few places where legal unions (and all the benefits that comes with them) have been approved nationwide. Like you said, they had to kick out the church and discriminatory agendas, and make state.wide decisions.

The country leader said "when I woke up the next morning, I had lost nothing. Yet so many people had gained so much". And, more notoriously, "Deal with it!!" lol

Without going into politics, the US -a country I love- seems so sadly fractured and violent, I could never live there again. The situation seems to be improving, though, slowly but surely.

And this is true for "worldwide society", if there is such a thing... without taking into account the places where gays are hunted down and stoned to death, of course The new generations are much more tolerant and open. The old Victorian values that once had a stranglehold on people are being pushed away.

We're part of the transition, J. We are all fighting for the future generations. I so hope that our young kids will find a tolerant and loving world when they're adults. It's sad that loving, well-meaning people such as yourself have to suffer so much in the process. Our needs aren't getting met yet, so we need to keep going. With hope and determination, and supporting each other.

On the practical side of things, have you consulted a lawyer, lol? What has s/he said?

We're here for you, vent away. Love always xox
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Well, I'm twice frustrated because I just lost my post!

I agree that this is ridiculous. Basically you (we all) are being discriminated against for being discriminated against. This absolutely has to change.

I think I've read we are in the same state, and if we are, there are going to be some measures hopefully in the fall to change this! Hang in there!
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