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Robert313 03-18-2021 03:30 PM

I Need Help Please!
Iím about to lose it.

My girlfriend has been clean for almost a year (snorted heroin). She fell off the wagon three weeks ago and I asked her to leave my house. She has been at her dads who is an alcoholic and is in denial or is oblivious because his brain is so twisted.

Every week she says she wants to get help but is afraid of being sick. I told her that I would drive her to detox or wherever she wants to go (has insurance) but of course changes her mind. She collects her unenjoyment and gets high all day and Iím about to blow my stack.

Do I call the police? She will just deny and hide/flush what she has. Do I just let it go and hope that she doesnít die? Iím retired and ready to camp outside her house to make sure she canít catch an Uber to score.

Iím in pretty bad shape mentally and really need advise.

Thank you.

HardLessons 03-19-2021 08:24 AM

Addiction to heroin is no joke no matter how she is getting high from it. My addict (she) is also a long term heroin user. Also mixed in numerous other drugs. Which is common.

Im sorry you are dealing with this, but my advice is to just let her be. No one knows better than me that you really cant save fix or change her. I tried for years. Heroin & addiction are running this show not you (same for me). Trust me if she wants to score she will. Heroin addicts are completely driven to keep using no matter what. They are very cunning. You cant stop it. I couldnt stop anything.

Save yourself & get away from her far away. Addiction to heroin is extremely destructive. I have unfortunately witnessed it all to no end first hand.

Im sorry I dont have better news for you.

Bute 03-20-2021 01:16 PM

Hi Robert
I would echo what HL has said.
My son is a heroin addict, and nothing I have done, to try to help, has had any impact. He continued to spiral downwards, and would have taken me down with him, if I hadn't stepped back.
It's difficult watching someone you love, destroy themself - but we have to ensure they don't destroy us too.
For your sanity, yes, step back and let her be. The only thing that will happen if you try to intervene will be negative impacts on you. It won't stop her using.
Please take good care of you.
Much Love
Bute x

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