OT - Itís been awhile. (Dakota)

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OT - Itís been awhile. (Dakota)

Hey SR Fam

Itís been a while with lots going on. I am sure there are those here that remember my daughter, Dakota ( she had many SR Aunties and Uncles back then) at the time she was three and diagnosed with kidney cancer ... she is 16 now and weíre having a scare. Last ugh this she discovered a golf ball sized lump in her left breast and she has armpit swelling. She has had fatigue and dizziness, the lump in extremely painful to touch and it stings... Needless to say she is terrified as am I.

She been having issues with her period a few years back and they regulated it with birth control. Everything was great and she decided to stop taking them and for many months things were fine. Then few months ago she started getting irregular again so they started her back on the pill she has been taking it for 6 weeks with no placebo pills. So 6 weeks of just straight birth control pills. At first it looked like it was working then it stopped and she has irregular bleeding.

I am hoping and praying that it is a benign cyst of some sort... I am asking for prayers, good thoughts, whatever it is that is positive that my SR fam can send her way .. I would (we would) very much appreciate it.

Much love & Appreciation
Sherry AKA Passion
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the lump is extremely painful to touch and it stings...

Passion, my heart hurts for you and Dakota, I still think of her as little Dakota, and my prayers go out for both of you.

I am living with metastatic breast cancer (and doing very well) but one thing I knew when I found my lump was that the cancerous ones rarely hurt and they don't move. The fact hers is painful may be a good thing, I pray it is a cyst or something that can be removed and done with. Only her doctor and proper tests can tell you for sure, but I am crossing my fingers and saying my prayers.

She's a brave girl, she has been braver than any girl should have to be and you have been wonderful support and a loving mother all the way through.

So I am cheering you on and walking beside you all the way. We have walked the recovery path for many years now, we can walk this path too and hold the faith for Dakota.

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Sending up prayers for your dear daughter -- for healing, for strength, and to be cancer free. Please take care of yourself as well.
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