Real life experience with cocaine addiction

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Real life experience with cocaine addiction

Hi there. Iíve been reading what I can on cocaine addiction. Iíd like to hear some real life experience on it. What Iíve read is that there are physical symptoms and side effects like circulation issues, nasal issues and what not but mostly itís a psychological addiction and not quite as physical of an addiction as say heroin. The actual high only lasts 20 minutes or so until they do more. Is that accurate? ¬ What signs and symptoms do you see with your loved ones? Iíve seen pure rage to the point where Iím frightened. Is that when they are high or coming off of it? ¬ Or both maybe? ¬ There has been such a drastic shift in someone Iíve known for 22 years itís hard to believe itís the same person. What about paranoia? ¬ And somewhat delusions? ¬ Like you know youíve never said something and they swear you do. How do you cope in certain situations dealing with certain side effects. Anything you can share is appreciated. Thank you.¬
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One of my close relatives is a drug addict. She started on cocaine and later went to heroin. I want to mention this because although cocaine is "only" psychologically addictive, it may not be the only drug the person does. I dated someone who would deal with coming down from coke binges by drinking tequila. He didn't use coke every day or even every week, but then he'd decide he deserved to party. Who knows what drinking tequila to come down off of coke turned into for him. So I want to put that out there, that cocaine can be a companion substance or gateway substance to other, more physically addictive substances.

The person I dated experienced paranoia. When he came down he got scared, had anxiety, which is why he drank. One time he called me over to just comfort him while he was coming down, because he was so afraid he might die. He lived in one of those obnoxious beach high rises with a door man, because he felt "safer" there.

My relative, with her I saw any number of terrible behaviors, I wouldn't even know where to begin. You name it. Using her children's food stamps for herself while the grandmother took care of said children, keeping a cuckolded partner who enabled her addiction financially while she cheated on him with other people, it got to a point where I could not believe I was related to this person. I was younger then, of course, so I would be less shocked now - and less self-righteous since I have a drinking problem. Still, it was real bad.
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Had family who supposedly dabbled in cocaine in his party life career. Besides always being in a state of irritation by their late 40s they have blood pressure, heart and stroke issues yet no family history of cardio issues that young. Also they did other stimulants and drugs including caffeinated sports drinks and sodas. Prolonged periods of use is where the damage done.
Be careful with anyone on stimulants because their irritability and mood swings could make them dangerous/violent.
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