Why do addicts have no remorse?

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Why do addicts have no remorse?

Corona virus is spreading
If the oldest addict in my family gets it - I think good chance it will be serious- he has had pneumonia before and is not healthy.
Still no amends or remorse.
Why?? Any thoughts are welcome.
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A particular person who is also living with addiction may not show remorse.

Addicts in general are like everyone else and feel lots of emotions, including remorse some of the time. Drugs or alcohol can mask feelings. Shame can make people hide their emotions. Family members who are exhausted by the intensity of loving someone with an addiction can miss the remorsefulness. I am so sorry that your loved one is at risk. It's a scary time, and a lonely time. Maybe "talking" on SR can help? I'm glad you're here.
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Jeez...that's a tough question and I'm not certain there's a definitive answer, but I'll give it a go.

I believe that addiction is ultimately a disease of the self. What drives the addict is self gratification that can only be accomplished by being under the influence. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. It's all about the bliss of being in an altered state. So when someone interjects themselves into that process, the outcome is entirely predictable and the person doing the interjecting becomes of target of virulent abuse.

I've found it helpful to not wonder about the whys when it comes to addicts. It really doesn't matter to us why they do what they do. I've often said, when someone asks why addicts behave a certain way, because they're an addict, and that's what addicts do.

Worry about you.
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Amends or remorse for what?
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You are in the best place I know of to find the answers regarding addiction.

Everything from AA, to SR only, SMART, etc etc.

If you don't get your answer in this post, you will get it from another post.

From the addicts view point, all that matters is the buzz. I would do and say anything to get the buzz. If nice worked, i was nice. If i needed to pick a fight with my wife, it was fights on.

Ive seen addicts throw huge parties, just to have the chance to drink all day.

Cruise ships make millions off addicts. Best excuse in the world to day drink.

Etc etc.

It boils down to brain alteration. Brain damage. The drugs alter dopamine/endorphin production. The brain craves these...hence addiction.

The world according to D122y.

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