Nothing changes except to get worse.

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Sending you and the kids positive thoughts and prayers! Take care of yourself!
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I would say you certainly have had enough and it is heartbreaking. I am so very sorry you are going through this. Is there any possibility in you getting custody of the children?
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I had to call Children's Services when my son and his then GF both relapsed on meth and their lives were spiraling out of control. I knew that doing so might mean that I never saw my granddaughter again, and I haven't, but I was allowed the knowledge (from CS) that she was safe in a safe environment and well removed from the home filled with addiction. Knowing she was safe and well taken care of was all I cared about, and I don't regret doing this, even though it meant losing her. I had no rights, my son is my foster son and I fall into a whole different category than birth or adoptive grandparents.

Please do whatever you can to protect the children. We can't change the adult addicts but we can reach out for help for the children.

I will keep you and your children in my prayers each day.

God bless the child.
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Bless you, Ann, I don't feel quite so alone now. And I pray that you will see your granddaughter one day.
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A last update; my daughter is off with a new druggie bf, left the kids with the baby daddy who is on the edge of fiscal destruction constantly. I'm alone with my codependency starting to believe that believing in myself instead of the disrupted minds of the drug slaves is better for everybody. Change would have been wonderful in my time but that was not so. Gonna die alone now.
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Sissy, connecting with your grandchildren isn't co-dependency. Stay in their lives so they'll always remember their wonderful grandma.
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Sissy....please take FeelingGreat's words to heart! I totally agree with her.....
They will always remember you.....don't underestimate your importance, to them....
I owe everything to my dear grandmother.....
she passed, several years ago...but, I feel her presence every single day....
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