Divorce almost final!

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Divorce almost final!

He signed. He signed!

After months of going back and forth, he finally signed the last portion of our divorce agreement. There is nothing else to do except wait for the judge. Could I really get my Christmas wish?

I accepted a pretty measly settlement so I could finally be done with him. And the jerk tried to get me to agree to taking on all the debt- which is 90% his (most of it I didn't even know about!) He really has no shame.

I never thought I could be so overjoyed about this marriage being over. I was TERRIFIED of that prospect. But life without an addict has been bliss. I only hope my kids can experience it soon...

Thanks for all of your support. Thanks, most of all, for the wake up calls, the bluntness, the straight talk. Thank you for not sugar coating and telling me like it is- especially when I didn't want to hear it!

I am so excited about my future!
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i'm so happy for you! it must be a relief.
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I wish you all the best as you start the next chapter of your life.
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Oh how exciting!!! What a great Christmas gift! I wish you MUCH needed peace during the holiday season.
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What fabulous news! My heart leapt up when I read your post.
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great for you!!!!!
I hope I am saying the same thing after tomorrow.
We already signed and then my husband went back and forth over what he agreed to saying he couldn't do it, ( pay the money that he agreed to pay) that is.
He is so irrational. An addendum was drawn up and all that is being changed is a mere 60 bucks. He doesn't even realize how crazy it is that an addendum is being made up for him to save 60 more bucks a month that I so need for our house, our daughter, etc.
but anywho, I agreed but not before making sure the visitation plan was as strict as can be due to low and behold I found out he is now with someone and apparently has been since the day of or before we separated.
It was the biggest shocker, I wasn't expecting it at all.
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One door closes, another one opens.

Make the best of your freedom. Be safe.
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