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My mom is perscribed klonopin when she takes it she gets real mean with the family throws away everything we ever got her and just hates us all when she runs out in a few days we are a happy family again we are totally lost she thinks the doc knows best but he has ruined our family with this drug every month we go threw the klonopin nastiness for a few weeks then everything ok again when they are gone this has been going on for years and has to stop doctors destroying families with these drugs
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Can you go to the doctor and ask about this? Don't know much about it myself. Here is a quick reference as to why it is use.
Klonopin Use For Recovering Alcoholics
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Thanks I'll check it out i would like to talk to her doc when all the air clears this time we gonna have a talk about it and try to get it fixed if that don't work then I'll see her
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Hi, sorry you are going through this. I 'managed' my mothers 'klonopin' habit for a long time before I realized I didn't know anything about it.

It's a controlled substance in the benzo family, and it's rewiring your mother's brain chemistry. If she goes off it too fast, she's in trouble; if she stays on it, she's in serious trouble. If she stays on it too long, her brain will stop being able to create certain chemicals it naturally does create that make life tolerable to function in; it takes several years of being totally dry for the brain to start creating them again. Withdrawals make a person do almost anything to start getting those chemicals going again.

Call the doctor. The doctor may not have permission to discuss your mother with you, but they will be allowed to listen, and should want to hear important information about your mom's medical condition. Politely inform the doctor that your mom is going through the pills much faster than instructed, and that in order to avoid any malpractice risk s/he better make sure your mom isn't getting controlled substance prescriptions filled at any other pharmacies by any other doctors (doctors, in the US at least, have the power to do this); tell the doctor why you think that your mom has formed a substance dependence (erratic behavior, etc) and say that you are confident that s/he will recommend treatment and ween your mom off the klon.

Malpractice is the magic word. Only use it once, use it politely. It lets him know that your mom has family, and that her family knows he's on the hook.

Don't enable her habit by picking up her meds for her, giving her rides to get her meds, or in any other way helping her get her meds. You don't need to feel guilty about this. Be compassionate, "I know you are suffering, however I cannot contribute to your suffering by helping you get those drugs."

The only way you can help her is by getting her to a treatment facility, and not by tricking her, either - she has to want to go. If she has a full blown habit, she's already going to do anything to avoid treatment and just get more pills. Do offer to help her get treatment; do nothing that helps her get more pills. Do stick to your guns; do not set boundaries and then give in after she begs or bargains. Do educate yourself about benzodiazepine addiction.

Good luck to you!
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Seasaw's post is right on. Benzos are incredibly powerful and can be harder to come off of, in some cases harder than the hard drugs like heroin.

Definitely talk to the doctor, and if possible, please document the dates and descriptions of:
- when your Mom started the medication, how much she usually takes, whether she takes it as prescribed
- her behaviors on and off the medication,
- your conversation with her doctor regarding these symptoms and whatever else you discuss.
You might need this information later if you have to take further steps to keep your Mom away from getting the klonopin. Or any other benzo. I don't know how her doctor is, but don't assume that doctors always act in the patients' interest.

As Seasaw mentioned, you don't have to go pick up the meds for your Mom. You don't have to do what you don't want to do. She might make it hell if you refuse to do the things she wants you to do, but if you do them you'll go through even worse hell.

I'm glad you're here with us and sharing your experience. Good luck.
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