Hoping I'm doing the right thing...

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Hoping I'm doing the right thing...

Woke AH up to give him the baby to hold this morning & came across his phone just laying there.
Out of sheer curiosity/gut instinct, I went through his text messages.
Found one that said something to the effect of, "I have some China White I need to move...", to a person I've never heard of nor been introduced to.
When I confronted him with it, first he said,
"I never even SAW that text message. I never even READ it."
YOU SENT IT, dumbass.
The next two excuses/lies were, "I don't even talk to that person" and "It's made up. It's about something made up."
Sooo...he didn't read a text message he SENT, to a person he never talks to, about an imaginary proper noun that just happens to be another name for powdered heroin?


Then he got mad at ME & started yelling about how I'm "overreacting".

And then I called the local drug enforcement investigations unit on him & am filling out a DVO as we speak. I can't raise my baby with this person. I can't even trust him.

Happy Tuesday, guys.
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Hi mnh....I'm so sorry he has chosen so poorly.

I think anything you can do to protect yourself and your precious little one is absolutely correct. Please let us know how things go with your DVO.

Sending prayers and good thoughts for peace and safety!
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I have heard those same exact excuses... as I have also learned that you can't trust anything, more or less, that an addict says. We are here for you. Prayers for you and your child as you go through this difficult time.
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You are doing the right thing mnh, for you and your precious little one. You know you are.
Stay strong! I'll be thinking of you
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