Is my prescription plan enabling my son?

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Is my prescription plan enabling my son?

Not sure what to do....My son is 22 and is a marijuana addict. To my knowledge he hasn't taken pills or anything else - but if he did it totally wouldn't surprise me. He is currently dealing with a serious medical issue and his doctors have him on all kinds of medications - multiple benzo prescriptions and one painkiller as well as some other stuff. He has double insurance coverage through both his father and myself. I am beginning to have serious suspicions that he is not using his medications as prescribed. I have also disclosed to his doctors that I believe that he is an addict and they are watching him closely. He is getting his prescriptions through my medical plan as his father's temporarily lapsed. I feel like I should pull his insurance because I don't want to be the one supplying him with the means to start to abuse these meds. Is this enabling? I know he needs some of these medicines but the other stuff I feel he is beginning to abuse and is going to become a big problem. The only way to cut him off the prescription plan is to cut his benefits (he would not be without insurance due to the other coverage). I don't want this on my conscience if he goes off the rails - but realize I am powerless over his choices. Advice please and thank you.
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Hi Stevie,
it's not your job to decide what is medically needed by your son and it's dangerous to do so. You've alerted the doctors to your suspicions, so you've done what you can.
I hope everything works out okay.
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Do you want to leave him without insurance? What if he has a serious accident or suddenly takes ill?

You could tell him he has 60 days to get his own insurance, though. He's an adult and can do that for himself.
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In my opinion this is not the way. I would have a very honest discussion with him and his doctors all in one room. I am a bit alarmed that they would have him on "multiple" Benzos. Benzos are HIGHLY addictive if you have an addictive type personality. If you have told them that he may be abusing them, I would be highly suspicious why they would continue to prescribe multiple prescriptions. If they don't take action, I would definitely consider a second opinion in doctors.

That's just my take on it.
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