So overwhelming...

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So overwhelming...

My daughter, whom recently used a 9 year old urine, thought it would be a awesome idea to answer 4 craigslist ads for sex with men and in the emails she gave them my address, phone number and pics of her kids.

This happened on the 24-26...on the 27th of this month I found out about it ( one of them called us, then told us she answered) so I got onto her email account I created under our aol account that gives us 7 screen names) and sure enough there were ALL the emails. I printed them out and called the police, filed a investigation report.... she wasnt home at the time...

This is the same day at 2pm I took my hubby to the cardiologist and they told him he needed a heart defibulator right away. They asked him do you want to go to the hospital right now, or do you want to go home and schedule it as soon as we can? He chose home. Soon as he got home (he was so weak he was wheelchair bound) he fell fast asleep...I went in to check on him 20 mins later and he was dying then. Called 911 and he died many hours later at the hospital. Which put me in a flurry of emotions.

Asked daughter when I got home from the hospital at 11pm will you stay here tomorrow with my in laws that live with us to watch her kids I am raising so I can go to the funeral home at 1pm ( alone) to make arrangements....she said the next day she slept in, I took care of the kids from 8-11:30 and thats when I told her she had to get thing she says are you taking me or do I need to take a cab or bus because I need to go to my ex's to get more of my stuff? I then reminded her of the funeral home, and she swears I never asked her ( and I did mention it 1/2 doz times the night before)...thats when I realize what identity she woke up to so I told her she must leave right away...daughter has multiple personalities disorder, is bipolar with maniac depression. THIS personality she was in is very in you face dangerous, so thats why I told her to leave, the day after my hubby died, which was yesterday.

My sister ended up helping me by taking the kids to a nearby Chic Fila so at least the older one could play there with her daycare kids...Its now the next morning. I told her when she left not to come back her for a week, and you no longer will ever live here, I am not your cab and dont call me to do anything for you, dont come to the funeral home, ,and esp no contact with the kids unless I am on the phone too ( she tries to tell the kids I am keeping them in prison here, paints a bad picture to them)....
My husband isnt her dad but he did help raise her since she was 12. Daughters dad died in a construction accident when I was pregnant with her...and he had the same disorders she now has...she was diagnosed when she was a child...

I cant have her here and take care of the kids properly and bury my husband this coming Tuesday. Its just too much to have her here. I was trying because she was to be admitted to a long term drug rehab as soon as a slot came available but now I see she needs a psych ward as well...I called the police back to tell them she left, what number she called before she left....and they told me to try to not worry. Yeah right...God is with me, all I have right now...
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And now I need to call the social worker back Monday...I was assured by the social worker that even when my hubby dies the kids would still remain in my care as long as I am a stable parent( we knew it was coming he was sick for over a decade - could not do a heart transplant)...So much to do but I do have a ton of help from friends and family and I am going to get all the help I need...
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I am sorry for your loss. You are doing the right thing please try to take time for you, you deserve it.
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I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear husband. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate.....particularly right now. Glad you have lots of family and friends to help you out. Try to take a little time for you.

gentlest of hugs
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So very did the right thing. She needs to care for herself while you care for the kids and yourself....
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I am very sorry for all you are going through. Sending prayers your way.
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I am so sorry! I see that you are in Glen Burnie, has she tried Hope House in Crownsville? There are some amazing people that work there. It isn't the best looking place, but it's there and if she can get in there after going to the behavioral wing at the hospital, that might help? You cannot have ANY more to deal with. You need to be able to take care of yourself now. Forget anyone that isn't there to help you heal.
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So sorry for your loss. There are other options for your daughter. You are doing the best you can. God IS on your side.
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