A loved one of someone going through PAWS

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A loved one of someone going through PAWS

I know that paws is hard, it's one of the hardest parts of being with someone recovering. They don't seem like themselves for a long time because of it and it takes so long to become normal again you barely notice the progression.

I actually am more interested in hearing people's stories than sharing my own today. So, how did you handle paws(post acute withdrawal syndrome)? Was it easy or hard? Did you make it through with them and if so what did you do to make it a healthy experience or was it constantly unhealthy? These seem to be things people don't directly mention.. and i'm sure i'm not the only person that's thought about this before. I'm sure people would love to share and understand every bodies situation. I would love to hear back from you guys, <3<3<3
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My husband was diagnosed with PAWS while he was in rehab. He is still in rehab so I cant tell you about living with it at home. We have talked about it in our family sessions, he is ok now but it is something that can keep coming back. In rehab he was depressed, anxious, self harming. The doctor put him on some antidepressants after a while and they seem to be helping him. Not sure this is helpful, I would like to hear people reply who have dealt with it at home because he will be home soon. I have some information from his rehab, but someone here gave me this link a while back, you might want to read it. I dug it out of my old threads for you: Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms - Relapse Prevention Strategies
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