Letter to my heroin addict husband..

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Letter to my heroin addict husband..

So I'm having a very difficult time writing THE letter to my heroin addict husband. HE is currently in rehab and his therapist wanted me to write a letter to him on how his addiction has effected me and our two small children. I was a Literature/ writing major in college.... I can talk about this for hours. I can not seem to put this to pen... nothing I write does how I feel justice. I basically end up crying for hours. THIS SUCKS
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Dane, you are FANTASTIC, rootin for ya.
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Your post is a pretty good start IMHO.
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Originally Posted by dane5679 View Post
I was a Literature/ writing major in college.... I can talk about this for hours.
yeah. Fat lot of good THAT will do you.

I am an MSEE -- can do Calculus with the Fruit Loops in my breakfast bowl.

Tried to put My Math to this stuff. Does not work any better than your Literature.

Scratch off -- Learnin, Writin, and Rithmaticin our way past this.

But THIS >>>>

I basically end up crying for hours. THIS SUCKS
Smells like an A+ to me.

Even a Brain Damaged A cannot not figure THAT out.

my vote says . . . Lick it, stamp it, send it.
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Why not talk about all the stress, pain, and agony that his active addiction causes you? The agony of not being able to trust the person you're with when trust is supposed to be a basis of a healthy relationship. The lies that you have to deal with and the constant questioning of which statements are lies and which are truths (if any).
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i use writting to vent out my problems it makes me feel amazing. Honestly what i did when my boyfriend was in rehab was i would write a diary entry every night and then i sent it to him after a few weeks. This way he would know exactly how i felt at the time cuz trust me your emotions will vary from week to week. Oh and this is just the beginning.... i'm not all the way through it i'm only 2 months in with my bf but it seems like it's been ages. You need to be strong and love YOURSELF before anything. I'm in no way shape or form saying to give up on him but just really focus on your future and what would make you happy. I am so desperately trying to find myself to better both of our lives. It's a hard road just be ready for it. Cuz it's gonna get much much worse before it gets better. The best of wishes though, if you ever need to vent i'm here you can just message me.
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