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MsAngel 09-16-2013 10:15 AM

What do I do? Spice addiction
My husband has been using spice on and off for over a year now. I don't like it, but it didn't really worry me until now. Something has changed in the last two months. He just used to seem a little high like if he was smoking pot. Now he can't function when he smokes and has no control over his emotions. He either gets so messed up that he can barely walk and barely speak or he gets amped up and crazy. He scares me when he can't walk because I am worry he is ODing. Then I worry when be is amped up because his emotions are everywhere and he does have a history of violence.

He hasn't been violent on it yet, but I could see it happening. He is having blackouts, forgetting conversations, losing track of time and days. He called me for ride to work yesterday, I got there about 20 minutes later and he was so messed up he didn't know why I was there. I told him like 5 times he was supposed to go to work and each time he after surprised and asked how I knew.

Anyway, I understand I can't make him quit and this isnt my fault. We have been down this road with alcohol, which he did quit. But the alcohol was never this bad. I kicked him out yesterday to protect myself and the kids. I tried to convince him to quit prior to that, but it just kept getting worse. He wakes up every few hours through the night and smokes and I think he is smoking every hour or two during the day also. Several times yesterday he was so bad he could barely talk.

So what do I do now? He is out, but his stuff isn't and he will probably try to come back. Yesterday at one point I said I was calling for an ambulance but he convinced me not to. If he comes back high, should I call 911 either for police or ambulance? Will they do anything? I am worried he is getting to the point that he needs medical help or this will kill him. I wonder if I should have called 911 rather than kicking him out.

I just don't know what to do from here.

KeepinItReal 09-16-2013 10:24 AM

In some states you can "force" him into rehab. I would start by calling local outpatient rehabs and beg someone in your area for more information on what you can do. You can call the police precinct and ask for advice. If his life is in danger, this is not an over reaction. Of course he may be angry, but honestly... would it be better for him to be dead or angry with you? They may be able to connect you with other programs for "mentally ill" persons who refuse medical care. I believe addiction is considered a disease in the eyes of the law (even though its illegal) If he is a danger to society it's the police in your areas business. At this rate.. sometimes being locked up so he can "come off" some of the drugs may not be a bad thing. However, look into forced rehab. Only a few states allow it. I hope for his sake.. your state is one that allows it. Good Luck.

Ann 09-16-2013 02:48 PM

If he comes back, please call 911. You need to protect yourself and the children from his insanity. Spike is a terrible mind messer, the damage it can do varies from user to user but it's just not pretty. Hopefully you can have him admitted, but the least would be you protect yourself and your children.

My prayers go out for you, this is a very sad place for you to be.


AnvilheadII 09-16-2013 03:11 PM

#1) keep you and the kids safe
#2) if he comes around again under the influence, do not hesitate, call 911. do not attempt to talk to him, reason with him, or let him in the house.

Is Spice Safe?
There are many side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana that can be the same or worse than those of real weed. Reports indicate the side effects of Spice use may be similar to marijuana such as elevated mood, relaxation and altered perception – these being the more ‘pleasant’ effects. However, other less pleasant side effects from K2 include psychotic symptoms, paranoia, increase anxiety and hallucinations – increasingly reported to be even more severe after smoking Spice than after smoking marijuana. Other negative effects of smoking incense include increased heart rate, agitation, vomiting, seizures, uncontrollable body movements, lack of emotional attachment, sweating and loss of control, red eyes and dry mouth. One side effect not shared with marijuana is increased hunger. Many herbal incense users report a lack of appetite when using the drug.
It’s Not Really That Bad, Is It?
Reactions, or side effects, from smoking Spice can also be fatal in some cases. This can be quick, for example after smoking just the once, or happen after many experiences with the drug. Spice, K2 and related legal highs have been implicated in several cases of kidney failure and heart attacks. Testimonials from users – both regular and those who used it only one time – speak of hallucinations, suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions, intense fear and paranoia. There are several cases where synthetic weed has been implicated in deaths from suicide, or accidental means. Spice causes reduced blood flow to the heart, also known as myocardial ischemia, which can cause both damage to the heart, or a heart attack. There have also been reports of long term damage to mental health status with continuing hallucinations appearing after several months of trying the drug.
As a legal high, it could be assumed that there is no risk of addiction to spice – a common side effect to any drug. This is not the case. Some first time users may find that the intensity of the side effects, particularly the negative side effects such as hallucinations, are enough to stop them from trying Spice or its derivatives again. Others will crave the intensity of the effects of Spice just as one would from some “hard core drugs” like heroin, crack, and pain killers. Serious withdrawal symptoms are common in regular users who stop smoking fake weed.

MsAngel 09-16-2013 03:23 PM

Thank you all. I will call 911 if he comes back high. I will probably refuse to let him in the house if he doesn't bring another person with him. I just can't trust him like this.

He definitely has been having periods of paranoia and hallucinations. He woke me around 2 AM the other night because he heard a train crash. We don't live anywhere near train tracks, so whatever he heard, it wasn't that. Then a few days ago he freaked out and accused me of not letting him leave the house. Then I told him he was scaring me so he got angry and left, then came back in tears. He is a mess and I realized this weekend it is getting significantly worse, which is why I made him leave.

Less than 1 month ago I had never seen spice have this effect on him. Now he seems high more often than not. It makes me so sad and I wish I could help. But our kids are old enough (3 & 5) that I don't even want them to see their Dad acting this way. I have to protect them. I just feel stuck and don't know what to do, although I feel getting him out for the night was a good first step. He has no keys and I have made it clear he can't stay with us anymore.

I just know that eventually he will run out of money - and work - and then things won't be pretty. That scares me.

MsAngel 09-16-2013 03:45 PM

I was mostly posting because I wasn't sure if calling 911 would help. I didn't know if they would take someone against their will, even if they are clearly high. I didn't know if the police would help if all he is doing is looking half concious laying on the couch.

I was afraid I would call and they would look at him and say "he is in his own house, he isn't causing any problems, and he doesn't want to go to the hospital" and just leave me to deal with a now pissed off addict.

Txhelp 09-16-2013 07:07 PM

My son had a 3 year spice addiction. It was constant cravings with functional behaviors to downright paranoia with mood swings. We let him take the fall...disconnected....didn't help him out of shelter. He was done and went to rehabilitate. It took 2 weeks to detox and feel normal. He hates the stuff and feels it took 3 years of his life. You can only protect you. You aren't in charge of his sobriety. Hugs.

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