I am healing... Am I?

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I am healing... Am I?

I just spent a long weekend in china with family for a hardcore hike. It was really hot and I was soooo tired that my insomnia was finally cured.

Sunday evening when I got back to hotel, I received his message again, just a word 'darling'. And it was 5am in his country. On coke? Drunk message?! He blocked me from Facebook, whatsapp and instagram after the fight 2 weeks ago. But now, he send iMessage.

I was doing well that I didn't reply. But I wondered if that's a wrong message and he was supposed to send it to another women; or what kind of game he's trying to play on me... Then, I thought, I shouldn't be bothered. I just ignored it, didn't even tell my family.

But now, I'm back home... And I dreamed of him again... I will try my best to keep moving on...
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Good job. Dreams can also indicate that you are moving on. The drug of choice for a codie is often an addict. Addicts have dreams of using long after they are clean, why would it be any different for us?
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You are healing, the "healthy" you chose to ignore it.

Sometimes it's baby steps, but we get there just the same. You're well on your way.

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Healing is a choice. Dont let anything stop you from getting better. We are rooting for you!
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It really resonated with me how when you got his message your mind went into the million and one possibilities of WHAT receiving the message could have meant. Like him being high, or having meant to send it to someone else, etc. VERY typical thinking behavior for me when dealing with my addict when he as in active addiction. It's hard to quiet your mind from all the what-ifs and honestly it just helped me to read that you go through the same struggle. I just wanted to share and to let you know with time your thoughts will be your own again. Proud of you for not letting it ruin your trip.
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Yes.....keep moving on and take care of you.

gentle hugs
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