dodged a sighting of the AXBF

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dodged a sighting of the AXBF

I haven't seen my ex in 7 weeks. The only contact I had with him was to pay me back money he owed me which I know I'll never see. I gave up on that many weeks ago. I've been feeling better, much better.

My sister finally broke down and told me my family and some of our friends saw him a few weeks ago. No one wanted to tell me. I'm surprisingly calm about the whole thing and proud I'm not reacting emotionally because well, it's kinda hard to feel emotion to someone who you feel nothing but disgust for. So, we both come from a small town. There is a festival there every year. He knows I take my daughter to it to ride the rides and watch fireworks. He has not gone to this thing in years and doesn't really have any friends left in our town because he's basically turned his back on any healthy friendships to only hang out with drug addicts.

Anyway, i didn't have my daughter that weekend and I was on my way there when I decided not to go. I got a weird feeling so I bailed. My mom has a food booth there. He knows this. Apparently he decided to go with two women (could have been anyone including his family) and plop his nasty A--S down within a few feet from my mom. Out of all the places he could have sat in the fairgrounds, he made sure he would have my family see him. My mom HATES him. She was totally floored he would be that obvious about wanting her to see him. And what was he doing there anyway? It's a small festival, mainly for kids (which he has none).

I don't know why I'm so annoyed with this but it's obvious he wanted to make sure my family saw him and was hoping I'd be there. Thank God I dodged that bullet! It's weird and annoying. My friend told me last night he saw him after not seeing him for many years at this same fair and could not believe how bad he looked, his skin was bad, he looked older than his age, etc. This is the same A--S that owes me a bunch of money and he has the nerve to want to be "seen" by my family.

He's just disgusting. I'm so happy he's not in my life anymore.
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He was hoping for a reaction. I'm sure it was hard for mama bear not to give him one.

Moral of the story. Trust your gut instincts.
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He's just disgusting. I'm so happy he's not in my life anymore.
Yeah, I can relate to this...
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Yes, but my mom would never have given a reaction. She's the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet and getting into some confrontation with him is the last thing she would do. It's just not in her.

I think what I'm going to tell my sister and my friends is that if there are any further sightings of the ex I don't even want to hear about it. My mom didn't tell me for a reason.

Best part of the thing is that he made himself out to look foolish. My family was laughing at him. Our friends kept saying how bad he looked. And there he is, acting like a super star wanting to make his presence shown. What I think he wanted was for me to show up and to get a reaction out of me after my family told me. Nope, honey those days are over! If this were me even as soon as a few months ago, I probably would have reacted, told him how ridiculous he looked, and mainly told him off for having the nerve to owe me money and be the addict he is and then just plop his butt down in front of my family trying to show off. No way. Those days are long gone. I prefer to be the bigger person and let him continue to make a fool of himself.

I can get my choice comments and opinions of him out on SR! Thanks everyone.
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