Stressful situation. I've had it (again)

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Stressful situation. I've had it (again)

Anyone heard of using methadone for chronic pain, such as neuropathy? A family member has several health problems from alcohol over the years. I went into more detail in other threads. He's been in for pancreatitis several times, sometimes in really bad shape. He also now has some liver damage. I'm so worried that another relapse could tip is health to the point of no return. For the past few years, it's been a roller coaster of me worrying crazy about him, and/or getting so angry/frustrated at the manipulation and moods/blame shift when he's doing "well". Sprinkle in little bits of time of things going smooth.

He has neuropathy (nerve damage) in his feet from drinking. He said it hurts so bad that fairly big doses of pain killers barely take the edge off. So he got himself on a methadone program to deal with the pain. Well it's kinda like having a drunk (the moods/attitudes!) but in a somewhat different way. He nods the bathroom for 40 min, always looking/ acting sedated. And, when I check on him he gets an attitude. He also still does blame shift and is quite good at BSing the head of household. He's clearly NOT in the recovery mindset. We're supposed to have rules about him going to meetings and counseling, but once again he's left to his own and in some ways runs the house.

I wish I didn't have to be front and center to this craziness. No, I can't move out now, barely paying my bills as it is.
Does anyone have experience with someone on methadone? Especially an alcoholic who's basically substituting.
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He has the appearance of someone who is abusing some substance, what it is doesn't really matter, the important thing is that you know this isn't right and don't have to be part of it...even living in the same house.

I learned a long time ago not to engage someone who was using anything, arguing with them makes it worse, trying to reason with insanity is futile and only make ME crazy, and trying to change what was not mine to change wore me out.

The best way to live with this is to live your own life, find your own peace and happiness and pray for the loved one who suffers, leaving the rest to God.

Hope today brings you joy and beauty, it's there when we look for it.

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Thank you, I realize (after reading so much here over time) that there is ultimately nothing I can do. Even if I had household authority and made him go to meetings and counseling, if he isn't in it because he wants to, it does little good.
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