Funny how the truth always surfaces

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Funny how the truth always surfaces

So, I was online reading a story about how the county in my state finally released records online to the public with a quick name/date of birth entry for civil/criminal records. So, I decide to go take a look-sie and enter my XABFs info.

Is it bad of me to say that I laughed so hard when I read it? I knew of a civil case and a criminal substance abuse case from before he went into rehab over a year and a half ago that he had to pay the consequences for when he got out of rehab. There were fees, restitution, probation, etc. I guess what made me laugh is that he's had a year and a half to pay towards it. You know what was paid? Well, I think none of you need to know it's next to nothing. It shows a default judgement on one and some kind of absorption of his bond fees on the criminal thing.

You know why I laughed tonight? Well, there is all the proof I need. And I was holding my breath for this guy to pay me back? Yea, right. I don't know. It's kind of sick in a way that this brought some peace and happiness to me. Why I needed it? Well, not sure. It should have been enough by the actions and behavior and lack of responsibility towards me but I guess I just needed this. This was my higher power just allowing this story, this news, to just cross my path.

I almost felt a little uneasy about how happy this made me actually. It's not that I'm happy someone is so sick, so ill but I'm so disgusted with this person, the lies, the manipulations for so long that I'm HAPPY I'm seeing this. There's the peace, the closure, the everything that I needed.

Funny how things just surface when we least expect them.
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Yes, sometimes there is justice in this world....karma is a b**ch.
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Oh yes karma sure is.
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I think knowing it was not just you that he didnt pay back brought about some relief.

Im glad you have FINALLY found the closure you were seeking.
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it wasn't personal, it wasn't just's how he treats the WORLD. you have a lots of company in the "he owes me" line!!!

hopefully you can put it to rest now....and BE FREE!
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Yes, yes, yes to everything you all said.

But, what was even more validating is that the entire year I thought he was paying back the restitution of over $7,000 on this case, and attorney fees on this case and attorney fees on getting his license back and being off probation, hed done nothing of the sort. Seriously, Im still laughing at it while Im typing this. Where did the money go? Im sure you can guess. The price of pills must have gone up or something. He doesnt have a mortgage or have to pay utilities (mommy and daddy do that for this 38 year old man that lies in a condo they own), no cell phone bill (mommy and daddy also pay that through their company he works for), spends money on the business card mommy and daddy give to him for business purposes which are used on himself Im sure. Lol. The money sure as sht wasnt spent on me so my educated guess was that for the past year, hes managed to blow an average of $2000/month on pills and likely gambling.

Lol. No wonder he has to take drugs to not remember himself.
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i'm not being snarky but your posts made me realize how not knowing anything these days--i mean zilcho, zilcho, zilcho--about my exab is actually a blessing in disguise for me. a weirdly wrapped package as someone said here once. it's hard enough to wrap my head around it all NOT knowing a thing so i can't imagine what i would feel if i knew. i may be doing myself a disservice by not knowing--maybe i am going about it the totally wrong way--not sure except making progress is happening so i hope it's ok. you are stronger than me for being able to handle more information on him!! one thing is for certain about both of our situations...they are GONE and we are free.
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Yes. But remember this is just info that validated the things I needed to know about his drug use. I would not want to find out anything further. I have no interest in looking him up anywhere else like Facebook twitter email etc. I don't do that and I would not want to know. This just made me feel better because it validated alot for me.
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