New Guide to Working the 12-Step program for Codependents

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New Guide to Working the 12-Step program for Codependents

I just put this new sticky link together this morning. It is an outline of a step study from Melody Beattie's book "Codependent's Guide to the 12-Steps"...please note copyright notation in the thread.

I first worked these steps with my CoDA sponsor. I was so lucky to have her work with me to process all I needed for each step. I work many of these steps daily or as needed in my life today. Once a year I do a complete work through from Step 1 to Step 12 because as my recovery grows and my life changes, I find the study and application of these steps changes too. It's all good.

Something I learned early in my recovery and in working these steps was to take my time and make sure I had a comfortable grasp on each step before I proceeded to the next. Like a solid foundation, each step must be in place to support the next to come. There is good reason the steps were written in the order they are and jumping from step to step out of order rarely helps anyone.

Your recovery is your own. How you work these steps and what each step means to you is personal. Nobody else can work them for you. Some are painful to walk through (less so when the steps before are in place), but I promise that when you have finished you will be a better and happier person than when you began. These beautiful steps saved my life and continue to help me today in all my relationships and life experiences.

Good luck and Happy Learning...
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Thank you. There are people who have knocked a 12 step approach.....but this is definitely one of those situations where I would gently suggest "don't knock it til you try it". The 12 Steps were a life saver for me. I hope that many here on SR will be helped by this addition.

I would highly recommend the use of a sponsor as well. My sponsor has been a Godsend.

Thanks again. These things take time to put together and I appreciate all you do for all of here on SR.

gentle hugs
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