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Originally Posted by KeepForward View Post
None of my comments here are related to any specific recovery method. I thought this topic was about enabling, and offering healthy support.

Keepforward: Welcome to SR.

You had it right IMO - the topic of the thread had nothing to do with comapring various recovery methods. I think it was derailed a bit for some reason.

I understand your comments on the comparsion between cancer and addiction. I used to have trouble thinking about addiction being a disease. I still do in some ways. But there are lots of things that are common between them, like the progression of addiction over time, and how various stages of addiction need to be handled differently. My problem may be more in acceptance that my husbands addiction could become a chronic condition, instead of a one off. So far, he is doing well with his one stint in rehab, and follow up care with a therapist.

If you look at some of the govenment websites, you will see that there is a lot of change happening in the classification of addiction into a disease pattern similiar to diabetes, hypertension & that would include cancer too. Its exciting because new definitions, standards of care are being endorsed. It fits in with what you are saying perfectly.

Very happy news that your son is in rehab. He has already passed one month - that is great ! Lots of hard work acomplished in those first 30 days. Now, he just has to keep it going !
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