I forgot I am "still" a codie

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Wink I forgot I am "still" a codie

Hello Good People,
How is everyone?
I recently posted about finding needles that my A son adamantly denies being his..He told me they belonged to the GF dad who is a diabetic.
That circumstance brought me flying back here for support.
I know where I have to go when the poop hits the fan again.
I know I have to take the focus off of what he is doing and get back to wuyorking on myself again. The old codie tapes in my head are playing again..
and I am not liking it.
I havent kicked him out "yet" for lack of proof beyond the shadow of a doubt and I havent gotten to that point "yet"
He is staying here temporarily..because his job is close by. He does have his GF's to go to but she is a good 50 minutes away..that is the main reason he is here.
Anyhow his DOC is Heroin...but I seriously believe he is done with Heroin...I am not saying he isn't on 'something' though.
He has admitted to painkillers during the day for his back. I told him I don't care what he does as long as he is not doing it around me or my lil' guy.
I have thrown him out before he knows I am serious.
Anyhow I really needed to dump.
I know I got keep the focus on myself.and stay away from the codie tapes..(there so outdated).and I Thank God for you people, for your support once again.
I am not so unique
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Thanks for sharing and wishes for strength to get through this.

"I forgot I am 'still' a codie," sounds like me and am so glad I can come here to get a dose of reality.
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Hi...missed you, just sorry for the reason you are back!

Grab your pink tutu and bunny for the hummer...we are on our way!
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That would be the 'steel toed' bunny slippers.

Why would her diabetic father's needles be in your home? I am a diabetic. I have
insulin in vials and 'needles' and I also have the Insulin pen. I do not just give my
'needles' to others. Something is very fishy.

Sounds like some quacking going on to me.

Only you will know when 'enough is enough.'

Love and hugs,
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Welcome to the refresher course, 'Nique, the coffee is still free and the hugs still plentiful.

Just the fact that your co-dar is telling you something is amiss should be enough. Take care of you, batten down the hatches and let tomorrow unfold as it may.

We're here and we know your sorrow, so keep coming back, we care.

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Isn't it great to catch ourselves in codie behavior though?! It sneaks up, but I'm so much more wise to it now that I don't get so deep before I get back on track. Growth is slow, but the work is worth it!
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