Could he be cooking?

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Could he be cooking?

Anvilhead sent me a list of ingredients in meth. I knew a lot of it due to my own research but.... the butane really stuck out! I have been noticing that there are a lot of little butane bottles around. I thought it was to fill his torch for smoking. I never realized you use it to cook. He has a lot a access to most ingredients just because of what he does for a living. But the butane thing scares me.. Just because it is a new thing that I have been seeing. In his truck. at his job ect... how much do you need to "cook"?

It never ceases to amaze me that I get shocked by something or discover something and am in shock.... when will i learn??
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nah, that's for smoking hon....calm down. it takes VATS of the ingredients to make the sh*t. it's merely a very VISUAL (and sick) indicator of how much and how often and how everywhere he is smoking.

when my husband and i were smoking crack we had TONS of lighters around - we gathered up a good 20 or so one time. made us sick. didn't stop us.

sorry, perhaps i should not have shared the ingredients list...that was more for you to know what types of toxins are involved and how poisonous and deadly meth is.
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No, Anvilhead, that's good to know....

yes I assumed that it was smoking material. I am a smoker (Marlboro only) and don't have that many lighters laying around! He pulled 4 out of his pocket last night. No wonder I never have any. I think his preference is the torch though.

Thanks for the impute!
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