I am a new I allowed to respond to posts?

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I am a new I allowed to respond to posts?

Words can sometimes come across not as they were intended. Sometimes people take something and turn it into something it wasn't meant to be.

As a new comer, I would love to understand the rules with a bit more clarity.

I can post to ask for advice, but I cannot offer advice? When would I be able to chime in? I am asking because I too have read your posts and I too feel your anger and your love and your excitement and your hate.

I am sorry for offering empowerment and advice that came from the heart. I will wait until my waiting period is over.
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You can start to offer advice with your very first post - thats the way it works here.
There is no probation period and anyone who suggests otherwise is just flat out wrong.

Sometimes someone may have an issue with your advice, or you with theirs, but thats what communication and being in a community is all about - generally we sort it out and we all get along

If you find you do have a problem with someone else, or they seem to have a problem with you, the ignore function can be a useful tool

Ignore bothersome members. If there is someone on the forum that bothers you, select the Ignore option on the drop down menu under their name on the post. You won't see any posts from this member again.
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what Dee said
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yes you can post! Im new too I've only been here since November. There are others who have been here for years and years. we have a "take what you need and leave the rest" policy. we all come from different walks of life, Christians, athiests, and agnostics. some still have thier addicts in thier lives and others have gone no contact. We all support each other. That's the beauty of this place. keep posting ok? I can only speak for myself, but Im glad you're here
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We are all on equal footing here at SR; newcomer or oldtimer. We share our own personal experiences, our opinions, thoughts, things we read, etc. And while we have a lot in common through addiction issues; we are all very different individuals with very different situations. So not every post, or comment will match up with your situation perfectly; happens to all of us. Just ignore, skip, take a pass on what is not feeling right, or applicable to you.

Also, make sure to take a look around all of SR. There are many forums here. Newcomers always has interesting topics; I find the Substance Abuse forum to be very helpful as many people there share their ongoing struggles with addiction, and of course how they overcame it. And ok, couldn’t help but read earlier.. you have a 3 year old… My son is 14 months old; there is a forum here for Relationships and Parenting while dealing with addiction also.

Glad you are here !
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I think that the issue with posting is that the person reading will interperate your message the way that they percieve the message, which is not necessarily the way that you may have wanted the message to come across. With cyber communcation, there is no tone of voice or body language to help interperet the energy and the message. However, I believe that we are all here to offer positive feedback, with only the best of intentions, regardless of how experienced we are with addiction or how far we are into our recovery. For that matter, there should be no reason that you shouldn't be able to offer your advice to the best of your ability no matter how long into posting you are. I hope that you continue to offer advice and support openly!!
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I agree with the above, but would suggest that everyone read the stickies regarding domestic abuse.

What may be solid advice in a situation not involving abuse, can be flat out dangerous in a situation where abuse is occurring, or likely to incur. It can also sometimes be worded in a way that makes original poster feel twice victimized.
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I post on another website about meth, and you know all are welcome. sometimes people have years of experience but have not been on a forum sharing it. That doesnt mean they are less experienced or anything. I think that is also something to keep in mind. A new comer isnt always new to this stuff only to the forum rules and to you.
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