1 Year Al-Anon Birthday

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1 Year Al-Anon Birthday

Today is my 1 year Al-Anon birthday. And like a 1 year old learning to walk and talk, I spent that last year making this recovery thing all of this about my XABF. This year is going to be about me and my recovery. Coming to acceptance that nothing changes if nothing changes. And I have changed. I am moving on. I am holding my ground with clearer boundaries. The difference this time- the pain is finally outweighing the fear to change.

Thank you all for your love and ESH. Going to pick myself up and dust myself off from the darkest few years of my life. Walking away from a cruel, narcissistic, emotionally abusive, manipulative, drug addict. Currently have my running shoes on so if anyone has any encouragement please send it my way. I am working on clearing my emotional slate. I am taking control of my life now and letting go of his rope. May God take care of him and keep me safe during this phase of acceptance. Grief be gone. I am done. Please send me a little push to help me run faster and farther.
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Congratulations on a year!! I started my codie-recovery the same time I started my addiction recovery (I became an addict as I couldn't control the A in my life..extreme codie behavior).

I credit the people here, who helped me find my way in codie-recovery-land. It's been a bit up and down, but darned if I haven't gotten better at the ups I even see family members mimicking my codie recovery and THAT is an awesome feeling!

Hugs and prayers,

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Those are powerful words. I don't think there's anything that I could say to you that has more impact than the words you just wrote to yourself. And that's what it's really all about. Keep taking care of you.
gentle hugs
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Congratulations, what a sounds like you have learned much.
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What a great post. Fly like the wind, Sister! You are doing awesome work.
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Thank You Everyone! I am holding strong. This is the hardest part I feel. Maintaining distance. Not giving into manipulative tactics. Not succumbing to the loneliness. Surrounding myself with wonderful people to remind me that I am cherished. And not letting myself get to hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. This is not easy. But the only way out is through right?
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