Addiction to non-narcotics

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Addiction to non-narcotics

Has anyone ever had any experience of an AS moving down from a prescribed narcotic to an OTC drug as simple as Tylenol PM or NyQuil?

It seems to be the same issues just not as severe physically on my AS.
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crazybabie (01-22-2013)
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my BF used those while kicking opiates. It helped a lot actually.
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Nyquil has DXM in it, definitely a potential for abuse, and it's not uncommon to see someone just switch their addiction. Both of the products you mentioned contain acetaminophen, which can cause liver damage if the medication is abused.

DXM had been fairly popular with high school students. You can buy cough syrup with DXM and swig it down.

Don't underestimate the physical damage OTC products can do in active addicts.

I'm sorry you are going through this.

Sending you hugs of support.
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crazybabie (01-22-2013)
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My EXAH would eat a whole giant bottle of Tylenol, packages of goodies powder, packages of benedryl etc in a weeks time.. It got so bad that anytime I bought these things I would have to hide them so that they would be there when I needed them...

I have no idea what kind of effect he was getting from taking these things.. What can I say, he's an addict...

I can only imagine the condition of his liver and stomach from taking these drugs on top of the opiates he was taking.... I think anything taken other then the prescribed dosage is still drug abuse...
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crazybabie (01-22-2013)
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I knew an addict that would abuse OTC sleeping pills. His eyes would look dialated almost as if he was on opiates. Of course, kids these days are getting high off keyboard duster and other type products.
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crazybabie (01-22-2013)
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This post reminds me of one year when my middle son was 13 and being treated for cancer he had a hard time eating and it was Christmas time he asked me if I would cook him a certain type cookie he loved so of course I said yes when I went to cook them my Vanilla extract was gone I found out his older brother had gotten it I was clueless at the time.
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