Making the Rounds

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Making the Rounds

Well, I decided to take a break from my AB in jail this week (at least his phone calls). So now he is finally calling other family members after 6 weeks.

Now I get to hear what he is calling ME because I won't help him....thats a new angle of fun . Its also amusing to hear the varying amounts of 'prison time' he is up against if he doesn't get out. For some reason amounts always get bigger when he talks to different people on any subject. Someone owes him 1000, then next week its 2000. He could get 6 yrs, then 10, now its 24.

Good news though, so far my family is pretty much on the same page. They all keep asking if he is seeking out treatment and he is using varying avoidance tactics to not answer that question. His latest was "I am clean, thats all I needed, just to get clean". If only.....

With me he was using the line that the in house jail program (that is really good), has a 4-5 month wait list. He even made up a story about talking to another inmate about it, etc. Took about 10 minutes and a couple phone calls to get in touch with the head of the program and find out there is no wait list, she just does an interview to make sure they are ready.

I think that was the final item that ticked me off to just not take his calls for awhile. You know they are manipulating, you know they are lying to you and you sort of become numb to most of it, but sometimes particular items just hit a nerve for some reason.

I ALMOST answered the phone today when he called, but I didn't have enough money on the account to take the call so I would have had to log in and add more funds. Gave me time to think and stick to my guns.

I just want to rip into him, remind him of the things he should be doing....but I know they would be just a waste of breath. ARGH

So I came here to vent instead!

About an hr after my AB's call my father called to ask to come out for Codependent side is telling me I can't say no, he is lonely, jobless, depressed, no family where he lives. My rational side is screaming NOOOOOO because my father makes me an insane person.

Hrmph...whats that saying? God gave you friends because you can't pick your family. That feels bout right today.
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Reminds me of my favorite new saying....."Family...the other f word!" Hang in there!
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