My daughter is a heroin addict....

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My daughter is a heroin addict....

My 27 y/o daughter is beginning her 5th month at a rehab center for heroin addiction. She has 3 children, her youngest was born 1/30/12 and she hasn't had a period since then. Does anyone know if this is common for an addict in her situation? Thanks...Mom
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Heroin can totally mess up your menstrual cycle. In my AD's case, I think she came to weigh so little that she would not have had a period even if she was off the drugs. If your D is a normal weight, it still might take months after childbirth to get a normal period again.
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My sister also does not have one when she's active in her heroin addiction, although as in EJG's case, I think it could also be because of her extremely low weight at those times.
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My daughter was skin and bones when she was actively using heroin. I DK about her period.

Are you concerned she might be pregnant, again?
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well i didn't have my periods for a year, but i've never used (ok i'm thin but not skinny) but it can be caused by stress or other things and in her case her using prob doesn't help but, if just that, nothing to worry too much about.
Hope she gets better soon
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I read that heroin can cause irregular periods/make them stop all together, even if the woman isn't underweight. It just messes with every single system in the body. As far as the reproductive system, it can cause men to become impotent and women to stop getting their periods. I don't know exactly why, but I did read that somewhere in my research a while back.

I hope for the best for your daughter, her children, and you. Who is caring for her kids while she's in rehab?
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I can also add that even when not getting her period, my sister was still able to get pregnant. Several times. I don't know if that means that heroin was the cause of the amenorrhea or not, but it's good to know.
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