How Do You Cope?

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How Do You Cope?

How do you cope with all you are going through? I like to journal, talk with friends, I have my mentor/psychologist, my Church, prayer and of course my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also like to write poetry. Some of my best stuff comes from when I am feeling my worst. How come artists are such "tortured souls?" anyway, here's my latest, dedicated to my friend Hallie. She is a rock and a support bar none. I ask her the same questions over and over, questions she can't answer, questions she has already answered a thousand times. She is so patient with me! See sometimes I have to hear something a thousand times before it really sinks in. One question I ask her is do you think I will ever hear from him again. She has replied if he gets into recovery I know you will hear from him when he gets to step nine.
This one's for you Hallie.

Step Nine

I know there were lies and I know that you used me,
Your calls and your texts were how you abused me,
But I'm stronger than you think, and I'm doing fine,
Don't contact me till you get to step nine.

The man that I knew disapperaed, went away,
The one who replaced him just wanted to play,
The focus has shifted, it's my turn to shine,
Forget my number till you get to step nine.

I'm smarter than you think,
I'm tougher than you know,
I'm living my life,
I'm taking it slow,
You've lost my trust,
You've played with my mind,
Hit bottom already and get to step nine.

I won't make you promises,
I won't stop and stay,
I know it's the drugs,
That pushed me away,
But I'm moving forward,
Nothing stands in my way,
With God right beside me,
I'll know what to say.

Have a great weekend - It's ME TIME!
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Early in recovery, I coped by going to meetings and working the 12 steps, as well as sharing here with friends who understood.

Today I have a pretty solid foundation and yet I still come here and still work the steps to keep me grounded in my recovery.

And I spend lots of time with nature, walking, photographing, and just enjoying the beauty that surrounds me.

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Great poem!
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Beautiful poem. You are very talented. I hope to hear from my son when he gets to Step Nine.
Thank you for sharing your talent.
gentle hugs
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