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So I was watching an episode of "Law & Order" yesterday, and one of the players was a heroin addict. A psychiatrist broke the law by getting him treatment with a drug called "********," which he said had the ability to "cure" heroin addiction. But, he said, it was illegal in the US because Big Pharma makes too much money from drug addiction and politically prevents ******** from being approved for use here.

This made me curious and I decided to Google it, to see if the drug really existed. It does, and is used for drug treatment is numerous countries, including Canada. A leading paper on the subject (going back to 1994) says in the introduction:

"The majority of patients treated with ******** remain free from chemical dependence for a period of three to six months after a single dose. Approximately ten percent of patients treated with ******** remain free of chemical dependence for two or more years from a single treatment and an equal percentage return to drug use within two weeks after treatment. Multiple administrations of ******** over a period of time are generally more effective in extending periods of abstinence. It is noteworthy that twenty-nine of the thirty-five patients successfully treated with ******** had numerous unsuccessful experiences with other treatment modalities."

The website for the complete paper is ******** in the Treatment of Chemical Dependence: Clinical Perspectives by Howard Lotsof. I'm sure there is more recent info on this drug, but I haven't had time to do a bunch of research.

Anyone on this board ever heard about this drug or have any information on it?
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Never heard of it, but I'm going to find out.
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Thanks for sharing your info.
I am reading about it now.
Starting with, (CIA) studied the effects of ******** in the 1950s.
Always nice to know huh..

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I have read a lot about ********. Too bad the US will never see it. The big drug companies see no profit in a one time treatment. Logo
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I just got thru watching a documentary on Netflix about it called "Facing the Habit" ....very interesting. Not a magic bullet by any a rapid detox essentially. The documentary is worth watching.

At the end it says that 9 out of 10 heroin users never recover.
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I have read about it.

"Heroin" by Humberto Fernandez talks about treatments that are not legal in the US including ********. There's a lot of useful information in that book. Perhaps you can check it out. I got the book for $14 from Amazon.
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My daughter's ex-bf's parents send him to Canada to get this treatment.. and imo I don't think it has helped him at all. He is a deceitful manipulative and abusive user that even though he is no longer on heroine.. he is still using MJ, and ordering phenazepam from the internet and shooting that up., and doing acid and pulling the wool over his parents eyes..It is not a 1 time treatment. He used to go every 3 months, then got warrants for not showing up to work detail and stopped going..
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