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Back to Reality

Hi all - I've been laying low when AS is in jail, taking a break from all the concerns of addiction for a couple of months. Today he goes to court. His fate seemed sealed when he was arrested - he had just been released from prison in Sept. and we all assumed these new charges would result in a 'do not pass go' ticket right back there. However, our county has just rolled out a brand new drug court program that his public defender is try to get him into. While it would require much closer supervision than he's ever had - he will have to come back to live with us for awhile - the only option to be accepted into the program.
I'm not going to court this morning - been through that deal too many times already - but I'm sitting here waiting for him to call to see if drug court is even a possibility and feeling the familiar knotted, sick stomach and all that goes with it.
Just needed to share with someone how I feel - who on earth could understand these dilemmas unless they've been through it!
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I'm so sorry. It seems out of your control now. It's up to the courts what happens.
No amount of worrying, analyzing, or thinking of different outcomes/possibilities is going do any good.

Chin up, stay strong.

Sending positive thoughts and serenity your way.

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Just read this on the Dailies - April 2 in the Little Blue Book ONE DAY at a TIME in AL-ANON:

The Al-Anon program really works because it helps us to get away from ourselves. When we think constantly about our grievances and the “faults” of the alcoholic, our minds are too confused to accept new ideas.

"I will drop this fruitless worrying and concentrate on strengthening myself to accept each day along with whatever it brings. With my mind and my emotions refreshed and cooled by working one of the Twelve Steps or a slogan (“Let Go and Let God,” for example), I will be better able to see my difficulties in their correct perspective."

So, I'm going to quit sitting here stewing and go on to work. Thank you for that reminder that there are options to driving myself crazy!
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All drug court programs have a financial motivation; to reduce the cost to taxpayers. From time to time I read and or hear references that some drug court programs have criteria requiring adult offenders to live in family home. I have yet to locate one that actually documents this criteria.

When looking at at the net $$$, it becomes obvious the county/state is not picking up the tab for incarceration, thus reducing the financial burdens on tax payers.

Most of these programs require the offender to be employed and contribute to the cost of the program including pagers. AA or NA meetings are also usually required. Many of these programs provide for home detention and do not specify whose home.

Interestingly, not all drug convicions are eligible for most programs. Heroin is more often than not excluded even though cocaine and derivitives and Meth are included. I have not yet come across the rationale for this.

So many families have been robbed blind by their own addicted family members. It makes no sense to me that these families should be expected to take on the undocumented obligation to house the offending relation.
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Well, nothing happened in court today anyway - just rescheduled to later in the month. I've been reminding myself to 'let go and let God' all day and it's really helped. Just needed a reminder that I'm not in charge of all this stuff anyway!
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