How can CPS close the account without going there??

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How can CPS close the account without going there??

So the update on my case- AS has a son, we reported to CPS that she is using and apparently they got drug counselors involved- sent her a letter and follow up call. Now we hear they've closed the account and he is to stay with addicted mum!!! Omg, this system is messed up. CPS didn't even go out there. I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do next. I can't live with myself knowing my nephew is in that environment.
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That also happened to me more than once when I turned AD in to CPS and was trying to get my granddaughter out of there. Not once did they visit the home. My opinion of CPS can't be verbalized here in polite words.
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My brother use to be a child abuse investigator many years ago. I've heard the stories from that perspective and it isn't pretty. Overworked. Underpaid. And every single day is like going into battle with the system and structure that they have to work within, the families they are investigating, and the laws they must follow. The caseworkers are in a tough spot too. They run on the edge of sanity trying to cope with what they see every single day.

I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this nightmare. Unfortunately the children are the real losers in this scenario. It is heartbreaking.

Please know that those children are in my prayers today.

gentle hugs
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Thanks for everyone's kind words. This is our second attempt. First time she was alerted and cleaned up her act and then passed the drug test. 2nd time also alerted but we don't have enough "proof", but hospital reort shows he is emotionally and psychologically suffering. I guess that's not enough. I've done all I can, she needs to be caught in the act and I can only pray that she does. This is an emotional roller coaster and I need to get off. Hate to say this but if cps can't take him out of the situation, then the drugs will eventually take her away from him.
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Keep reporting. Again and again.
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