Line in the sand

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Line in the sand

I spoke with my sponsor today. He said not to answer her calls, but to text her only and not to respond if she gets out of hand with the texts and If I do respond then to set boundaries telling her I will not tolerate or reply to any threatening or inappropriate texts. To write a text that is very forthcoming and deliberate and send this back only once if she starts and not to respond again for several days when this occurs. Only because she has my daughter. He also says to make it perfectly clear that the only thing I need to comunicate about with her right now is our daughter. If she tries to speak of anything else other than getting clean than to let her know by text that I will not discuss anything other than that right now. He said not to mention getting clean to her ever again since she is in denial. To let DSS do their investigation and to go with the flow. Not to discuss anything with her other than by text and only about my daughter. To draw a line in the sand. Any thoughts on this?
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Is your daughter with her or the grandmother? I think event the texting could easily get out of hand. I think if it were me I wouldn't even engage her in that way. Most cell companies allow you to block a number, have you looked into that?

I'd focus on trying to get custody of my daughter if I were you. Let the lawyers and courts figure it all out.

My thoughts are with you!!
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Perhaps your attorney can provide the best advice, but limiting the subject of any communication to your daughter and her needs, and then only in writing, sounds like a very good idea.

I'm sorry your ex continues to be abusive, and hope that this will end for you soon.

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just remember that anything you write can be used against you in a court of law...
but seriously, be very aware of what you are writing!
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Are you able to communicate with your daughter??
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