Is this normal?

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Is this normal?

I have spent the majority of the time in response to dealing with my heroin addict girlfriend either in a state of fear or sadness...but in deciding to let her go, i have so much anger coming up. Intense anger. That's just normal right?
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Depends. What or who is the target of your anger?
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anger is an emotion, and is part of the grieving process.

sadness, anger, bargaining, acceptance...
in no particular order
anger is a sign of a crossed boundary
explore it, learn from it/what is it telling you? what boundary is violated?
who allowed the violation?
anger at self can be hidden in anger at others. be gentle with the anger (ironic I know)
it is your spirit speaking to you
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Let go and let God is the best thing you can do.

Yes the anger and rage really get to you at times. But you must not act when in that stage.
As you detach it becomes easier. It"s normal.
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What are you angry about? Sometimes it's good to get it out on paper... and then let it go.

What I learned was that what I thought was anger towards my ex, was primarily my way of expressing my hurt feelings at being rejected because of his drug addiction. I mostly felt hurt. And my anger was really at myself for allowing myself to be in that position in the first place. I should have known better. But I didn't. And I learned. And then I let it go.

I think we are responsible for our own choices. And misplaced anger holds us back from learning from our mistakes and growing into better people. Only you can know what's true for you.
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