My AS is getting out soon I need imput.

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My AS is getting out soon I need imput.

My AS is serving 60 days on a 2 year felony sentence for selling oxicodone and due to get out in a few days. He has a 2yr 8 month old little girl that is just God's gift. He had told me before he was arrested that the babys mother was on Meth. For the last 4 months weve had DCS involved and my wife and I are trying to get temporary custody. I have been hoping that his time in jail might make him reflect on his situation and side with us. He told us last night when he gets out he;s going back to the baby's Mama because she's "clean" now. I hope she is.He's mad at us for trying to "take his daughter away from them". My granddaughter needs a mother and a father. Im scared for her saftey because I betting against this girl being clean with no help at all. I can detach from a 24 year old AS but I can't help worrying about my grandaughter. I know several of you have lived this, help.
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The child's welfare is #1 priority. If that child's sole caregiver is a meth addict, then you have to remove the child from that situation by any means necessary. I would never feel guilty about taking care of a child. If you don't, who will?

Regarding your son, well, I call this a case of the "I'm gonnas". While in jail or rehab facility, the addict and/or offender is overwhelmed with the virus of I'm gonna. I'm gonna go to rehab, I'm gonna get a job, I'm gonna stay clean etc etc etc. The proof is the ACTION. Be vigiliant and please don't ever feel guilty for getting child services involved!
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Several years ago I called Children's Aid to check on my granddaughter because my son had relapsed terribly and so had the child's mother (who had 7 years clean time before that).

They checked and took the child to a "safe house" while the mother got clean again, and then returned her to her home (my son no longer lived there).

I have never seen the child since, but I knew that was a risk I would take when I made the call. I am glad I did because I was right about the horrible dangerous conditions that little girl (20 months) was living in. I'd do it again.

Someone has to be the voice of the child. No matter what the cost to ourselves, I believe that we need to speak out when we see any child in danger.

I really hope things work out with your son. The odds are against it but we never know when a miracle may happen.

Until then, hold your head high, apologize to nobody and know that you did the right thing. You were the voice of the child.

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Mr. PINK & I are now raising our 7 yr old granddaughter ~ Her mother passed away when she was 4 due to an aneurysm & her father (Mr. Pink's son) is doing what addicts do.

This is not exactly what we had planned when we got married last year but she has been with us since February and we are doing pretty well.

She has gone from a somewhat insecure little girl who begged to not go to school everyday to a confident little lady who started school this week with the best attitude ever.
To quote her "2nd grade is the best because we get science books & new math books and Math has always been her favorite subject! I have the best teacher in the whole wide world and my best friend Madison, and Harleigh, and . . . and. . . are in my class and and"
She goes on for days.

When I see that beautiful blonde face & that chatting smile ~ I know that we did the best thing for her!

She is safe, secure and happy!

She told me once "ReeRee, Dad's medicine and beer sometimes makes him sleep all the time - i would just get up and watch tv and try not to wake him up. But i just couldn't sleep that much. I wasn't that tired."

I could go on for days about the things she tells me - but I think you get the picture ~ she's a lot healthier and happier and THAT's what matters!

Prayers for the best for your precious grandbabies too!

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