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Thanks Rose, every province differs as you know. Maybe there is a similar program in Ontario. I was a little shocked the other day. Spoke with his lawyer, and he said unless he is sentenced to 9 months or more he does not qualify for a drug or alcohol program while incarcerated. Went to visit him last nite wish I hadnt. He looks horrible, begged me to find a bail holder , and while he is out on bail he will find a rehab program, never smoke crack again wont touch a drink the list goes on. Then he proceeded to tell me some people are bothering him in there and the next time I see him he may be black and blue from getting beat him up Yack, yack yack he has lied so much I dont know what the truth is anymore. I think I will forgo the visits for the next couple of weeks. It all make me ill.
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Katie..I say do what you need to do to stay sane..
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Hi Katie, I hope you are doing well!!!! I also hope and pray that this may truly be something of a wake-up call for your AS. Time will tell.......

Originally Posted by hydrogirl View Post
May I ask what point you are trying to make?

I guess the point I was making that jail/prison is not always a bottom for an addict. Hopefully it is for every ones loved ones. Going to court ordered treatment is usually a good thing and positive thing. I apologize for upsetting anyone.
We DO know that jail is not necessarily the bottom for any addict. It certainly has not been for my A stepson. He has been in and out of jail and once in prison for the past 1.5 years. Also, we know that ordering someone into treatment may not be helpful either. A recovery program works only if the addict is willing to work it.

Katie, I'm hoping and praying for peace for you and your son.
Hugs, HG
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Hi Katie,
From what I am learning, the prison systems in the states differ, state by state also.

My youngest son, (32) is in prison here in Florida for 27 months, and they offer a variety of educational programs, like electrician classes..welding...

In Ohio, when my other son was incarcerated, they offered no educational programs.

So maybe my son is LUCKY he decided to move to Florida and get picked up for instead of Ohio.

And, as for drugs in the prison system, I imagine it's somewhat true.
But what my son chooses to do is none of my business.

Hugs...hope you're doing okay, I'm keeping you and your son in my prayers.
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Oh Katie, maybe you should take a couple of weeks off from going to visit. Of course he does not want to be in there and maybe in his mind he does want to go to, lets hope his desire to go stays strong. These jail house stories are pretty commom, they are trying to manipulate us to give in, knowing very well it is going to upset us to think that some big bullies are after them. Most of the inmates are the same type people they hang with on the outside, they have a pretty good idea of how to take care of themselves. He wasnt' put in there to like it and the idea is to have them not like it enough to not get thereselves back in. Hopefully take a good look at where their lifestyle is taking them.

This is such a great time for you to look after you without the chaos (You already know this), so I think you made a great choice to avoid the visits for awhile, plus they can get going on the phone calling as well. I had to learn to stop myself from answering until he got the hint, it was so expensive plus it was keeping me hostage from any recovery.

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