Busted!!!!!! Again!!!!!

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Busted!!!!!! Again!!!!!

For all the "old-timers", AH is tucked away in the county jail for the time being. I knew it was just a matter of time. BUT NOT DRUGS!!!!!!!

As some remember the divorce papers have been at the attorneys office and he would not sign-I could not keep him from coming and going in and out of the house-ancient laws in this southern state. He came, he went, he took me to the cardiologist, made certain I got my meds (after a big blow up-I STARTED) a kind person but just had to go visit "friends-non-druggies". It looked good, sounded good but my gut said NO!!!!!!! my brain said no and my heart said no.

He has done the scrap metal thing for a cpl. yr.,,everything was above board-burned out houses, trailers, all with written permission. Farm friends, heck they would have paid to ge the stuff off their land. Heck, I even got 2 30 ft. flat trailers full to sort of "junk to antiques". from a lady we both know.

Every now and then he would get a call to ask if he would take their stuff to the scrap yard, all from people we knew. He went to the scrap yard today and was told not to leave the CID State was on the way. Hmmmmm.... Charge was theif by receiving and now changed to something else, a friend of his had a friend that wanted a little "scra[" taken in. SORRY GUYS, AH amy be an addict (not like before) I know an addict is an addict, but I do believe in the degree of addiction. No I am not in denial, theif is not something ever he would do-not now,not ever. He has no "habit" that needs major $$$.or even ?????

Well, the guy that was with him. drove the car home with "the most important dog" in our tiny town. CID was right there talking to the guy.

I called his best friend (a non-druggie) but gave AH everything he could. He was furious-needless to say he always thougt he was helping. Now he gets it?

Bond was 50,000 now to 25,000 paper. Which of course is 2,500. Codie me or just rather curious-cash would be 500 and then collatel of one house. Geeze AH thought his best friend and I would figure it out.Ppppppffffff-we did-he can sit and be waited on. He can serve his time if proven guilty-which would amaze me)

Ya know I have come a long way since SR But still have a chapter yet to come. It is my turn-broke thanks to giving and giving, Hpoefullu have the knowledge to make it back.

I love you ladies, one special!!!!
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Your strength is shining!

Good for you!
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One small step at a time, one day at a time, we get a little smarter, a little braver and a lot healthier.

You shine, Moms, really you do. You can get through this and anything that stands in your way. We're walking beside you to cheer you on.

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A new day and still okay with this latest mess. AH called 11 times before I answered. I told him again-I AM DONE!!!!!!!! I think he may understand this because he has not called again. Pup sat at the door all night almost and cried-that was heartbreaking for me.

His best friend (non drugs) a gentlemen is flat done. If I need anything to call him. He will pick my heart meds up. Neighbor called and she will take me to the store Monday. You know it is embarrasing to ask for help because AH is a mess.

The man that was with him went yesterday as he was told to the sherrif's dept. He is off the hook. Another person called with a bondsman that one of the biggest drug dealers used in this state. He would drive over 100 miles to my home. Told him no thanks!!!!!! Another friend called and had the cash for the bond-I would only have to come up with my title to the house to show it was free and clear. Do these people think I am crazy????? The bonds lady I used called late last night just to talk. Even she said to let him sit there, but if I wanted him out she would help. Funny thing, I spent so much money with her years ago she gave me a "get out of jail card for free"if I was ever arrested. Which would never happen.

One thing I did do was to talk the advice of my attorney(now a judge) and called the sherrif about my rings that were stolen last year and our police cheif never did one thing about it. No report, nothing and never even went to the jerks house. I would not do this before because I thought the PD would make life miserable for AH and me. AH is locked up and they have no reason to even talk to me. If one shows up here I am to call the sherrifs dept immediately. So I got a lot of hostility out of my system.

Love you ANN!!!!! Moose, you too. Are you the one who yrs. ago made a picture of a dog in a striped jail suit?????

At least CID let the man bring the truck and dog home.

Raining here, just going to ponder over this latest mess. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and I can try to figure out what to do next. Heart hurts and nitro does not help-stress? Dr. says bypass is the next option.

But dang it all, AH is history!!!!!!!10 yrs of this is more than enough-ya' think?
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Moms, I can't remember, we've had some fun with jail costumes over the years, but just because you're special, I brought you your very own little jail fella...

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Hey Moms, My 81yr old father had a triple bypass in Jan 2010 and is a new man. Really made a huge improvement to his quality of life. Even though it is a huge surgery, he did not have a lot of pain. Strange.

As for the dog in jail. He can start doing his law degree. Isn't that what they do now?

Mind yourself first. Oh and the pup is good therapy for you.
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