I had a chat with god today

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Did prayers work a little? As I burst into tears asking god to help my son, I asked him if he could think a little about what we have been through over the years and give me a little 'breather' a little time out, you know.

Last night at about 9pm there was a knock at the door. It was my sons girlfriend. She needed to pickup some of his things, as he was starting a new job today. We went to his bedroom, got some of his stuff and we got talking. She knows all about his drug addiction, but obviously not about the money (it is not up to me to tell her that). Shes hoping the new job will help him. Its a start, I guess but I told her it wont fix the drugs. Im just glad that he saw the need to look for a job again.
We decided it was ok for her to ring me anytime if she needed to talk (hugging each other). I guess my son just couldnt face me - I still havent seen him or spoken to him. I think its time.
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There were times with my exah that the only thing I could do was get on my knee's. No matter how I wanted to go get him, how I wanted to make him see reason, I surrendered him to God, knowing that only He could do what I couldn't. Spent a lot of sleepless nights on my knee's. However, being there prevented me from going into the co-dependent crazies I used to get, and kept me safe and sane to take care of our son. Exah had (has) a long road. Not sure if he's truly doing better or not, but he's not where he was. I'll take that. And for me that's good enough.
My thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family. Thank you for sharing.
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Well I have spoken to him but I still havent seen him. Considering I use to see him everyday, it seems like months.
I received a text from him late one night admitting he took the money, he was sorry and it was a stupid thing to do. I was glad that he did, it made me feel better and I think it was good for him to take responsibility for it.
Its like he cant face me though and hes coming to the house when he knows Im not here.
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Give yourself time to digest this. It is pretty big information to process.

It no doubt triggered your mom instincts AND your how past with other family members.

Prayers will always work to give you some peace.

Hope you have someone else in your life or family to support you right now. I have a son who doesn't have drug issues but some serious issues none the less so I know that crawling under the rock feeling.

There is plenty of room under mine so you are welcome anytime!
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I went through this with my daughter. However she was 13 and in school when it all began (she was in school when she took a few oxys; the first time). Trust your instincts. Every time I felt something wasn't right, it wasn't. She was self-medicating (bipolar, etc. was eventually her diagnosis).

I set boundaries and I stuck to them. I'd take her to the police department if needed. I did what I had to do as a parent until she turned 18 and I was no longer responsible. It was extremely stressful for a few years, but we made it through it. What kept me sane was telling myself, "what will be, will be. it's in God's hands" ...and I prayed for her safety.

Today she is 21 and has thanked me numerous times for not giving up on her. I hope for the best of outcomes for you, your son and your family.
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ITS Been a few weeks now and I havent seen him. I know he is ok though, he has seen his big brother and hes staying at his girlfriends, her parents are there too.
I think my son is staying away from me because of shame and guilt. It is and was time for him to move out anyway I think now, he needs to be a responsbile adult and do it all for himself, right.
My only problem right now is, I still want to have a good relationship with him, but Im not sure how to go about starting it again. You know he took the money, he said he would pay it back (but Im not holding my breathe) and well, things are different now. Any advice?
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