Just a thought...

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Just a thought...

So I woke up this morning and was thinking back to when I thought I knew what was going to happen....

I KNEW my daughter was going to die from her addiction very quickly unless I did something

I KNEW she was too stubborn and rebellious to EVER really embrace a 12 step program

When I got to Alanon and I told someone that she was going to die they said "you don't know that" and a light bulb went arrogant of me to assume to know the outcome.

Oh yeah, she now goes to 2 and 3 meeting a DAY... and if I complain about something advises me to "make it a positve experience"

I now am much better at accepting what comes my way,not labeling it good or bad (how do I know?) and watching the outcome unfold instead of obsessing and trying to control it.

Guess what I'm trying to say is my EGO really has gotten in the way of many things in my life .I had no faith in myself, my daughter, or really anyone..I am in a much better place now where I give others a little credit and dignity and maybe err on the side of goes to Alanon, SR, my buddihst readings, and I will accept a little too as it was damn hard work..Thanks all...
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Good for you! It is so nice when a light bulb goes off and we are able to figure some things out. Kudos and Credit to you.... =)
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So glad to hear your daughter is continuing to do well too!
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