Beautiful Wedding

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Beautiful Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding Saturday nite -

The Bride, my step-daughter was breathtaking, her maid of honor (my other step daughter) was gorgeous - the miniature bride ~ the bride & groom's daughter (grandbaby # 8) - 15 months old - was precious!!

All 5 of my girls were there - each one of them look absolutely perfect!

I snapped a few pics - not very many, because I kinda stayed in the background. I visited with my ex-in laws that were invited to the wedding - they were very friendly and kind.

There of course were a few moments that the "what could have been" came along in my mind ~ the different the night would have been if things had gone a different way; a few tears, a few deep breaths and a few God we can get thru this moment - but all in all it was an ok nite.

I'm glad it's over; I'm glad my ex didn't show up and make a scene, I'm sad he didn't get to see the beautiful event, I'm grateful I was a part of it.

To borrow a phrase from a song . . .

"Life aint always beautiful, but it's a beautiful life."

Recovery is living life on life's terms - One Day at a Time.

PINK HUGS to all,
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I've been waiting to hear how the wedding went! Sounds just lovely. I'll bet the 'miniature bride' was just too cute for words!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself for the most part, dear.
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I'm so glad that the day went beautifully. I always cry at weddings.....even the visuals that your post created in my mind made me tear up.

gentle hugs
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Learning to live life on life`s terms is a gift of recovery and it sounds to me like your gift was shining brightly, Pink.

Congratulations on making it through that day with grace, and for sharing the beauty with all of us.

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Dignity and Grace~~two good words for trying to make it through tough times. Sounds like you did well and enjoyed the happiness arouind you. Thats wonderful...smiles, Bonnie
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GOD BLESS the new bride, and all of the family. I'm happy that you made it through the day. There's always apprehension when dealing with ex-inlaws. You did the right thing. Too bad for her father who didn't show up due to his disease. Maybe he will get sober one day, and he will have to face up to what he has lost and missed out on. I'm sure your girls looked gorgeous. It's always fun to be a woman, and get all pretty with the girls.
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