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First time

Hello all: I have been reading this message board for a few months now. There is so much wisdom here and it has helped me very much.

My grown-up son is a meth addict. The addiction has cost us thousands and thousands of dollars, emotional damage to family, confusion and the list goes on. It is comforting to know I am not alone!

First lesson I learned here is that I am an enabler to him. I thought I could make this go-away. But, I found out, it is far more powerful than me. So, I would like to be in "recovery". God knows, I need it!

Thank you all for sharing and being here!
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Welcome to SR. I am sorry for your circumstances. This is a great place to start.
I used Meth for a long, long time. There is hope, but it will only happen when the addict wants it to no matter what anybody else does.
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Hi Desertrose, I'm so glad you have been reading here at SR, and even happier that you have posted!

My name is DeVon, and I am a recovering addict/alcoholic/codependent.

My DOC was meth, and it almost killed me. I weighed 109 pounds when I went to rehab, and I am 6' tall.

My EXAH's drug of choice was meth, and he died a few years ago from complications due to AIDS. He contracted HIV while sharing needles with someone else during my stay in rehab.

My 32-year-old AD served time for running dozens of packages of Sudafed to a meth lab. She had all the empty packages on the floor of her car, and also had cocaine on her when she got pulled over after leaving the lab. (Her DOC these days are Xanax and Lortab.)

My parents were my best enablers.

After I got clean/sober, they lost their 'role', and so started enabling my 32-year-old many years ago after she became active in addiction.

Kudos to you for wanting your own recovery, dear!

My family has expressed no desire for their own recovery, and that has been painful for me over the years. It's also made recovery more challenging for me as I am the first in a long line of addicts/alcoholics on both sides of the family to break the cycle.

Your son is very blessed to have a mother seeking her own recovery! What a gift!
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Hi Desertrose, glad you are here too. My 25 yr old AS has made me seriously ill over the past year from the stress and overdoses. I found the only way I could stop being an enabler was to detach from him. When I get really weak I will send him an email just reminding him how much I love him. He knows now not to contact me. Its hard but its way better than having to argue with him and listen to the lies, lies and more lies. Good luck and be strong.
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welcome to SR!

I love my friends here.
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Welcome to SR Desertrose......but I'm sorry for the circumstances that bring us all here.

I am the mother of a 29 year old son whose DOC is meth.

You have taken a great step by simply recognizing that you are enabling you beloved son and you want to do something about it. I hope that you'll stick around. Post what's on your mind and share your journey with us. We all learn from each other.

gentle hugs
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