it sure changed!!

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it sure changed!!

this am she calls to see if I need her to watch 4yr old while I take the older one to school. i told her I've just been taking her along with me. She comes back with "oh, o.k. well I'll proberly stop over later then". Just called again (2 hrs. later) and asked if I needed her to be here. I said I had to run errands for a couple of hours and she just said ok . I thought she might volunteer to spend time with her daughter, but no such thing. She went on to say she's on a prepaid phone and can't "idle talk". What a change. In prison she would tell me she loves me, is so grateful for all i've done, I wouldn't always accept her calls so she would write and tell me how just needs to hear my voice and know I care. She would want to talk to her girls at every chcance now she's to busy to even come over (unless I need her)last nite we were going for ice cream but she wasnt interested as she has to watch her diet now so I suggested just going for the ride. No interest. what happened???? can someone give me some insight?
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jailhouse remorse is over?
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I'm not sure if I should insist that she be here for the girls or continue to let it go and say nothing. I don't want to deal with an attitude but at the same time I feel that I should insist instead of waiting for when it"s convenient for her
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Katie, maybe set some rules and see how it goes.

Rules such as "You will be here when you say you will be here and not disappoint the girls"

Or maybe try some interaction between her and the girls with you supervising, to see how interested she is.

For now I think maybe playing it by heart is best. It would be nice if she stayed clean and could interact responsibly with her children, some can. But if that is not the case, all bets are off.

Just throwing out some thoughts. And some hugs because this must be hard for you.
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I'd consider setting up a specific time for her to visit her children. If she doesn't come through, I'd let it go.

As for all the jail jive, it's just that.
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Things are much different on the outside than they are in jail. It sounds like she is back to doing wrong. I hope not for the sake of you and those children. It might be time for you to set some rules for her regarding her children. After all they are her responsibility. I'm amazed at what drugs and alcohol do to the human mind. My heart goes out to you.
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(((Katie))) - I'd always heard about "jailhouse talk" but didn't really GET it until I got that from my XABF.

I can't' say whether she's doing wrong, or not, but she's certainly putting a distance between you and her girls. I agree with setting times when she sees the girls. If she "no-shows" a time or two, I'd not be available with the girls until she shows some steady progress, but that's just me.

Hugs and prayers,

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