Today's Drama

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Today's Drama

Today I told my wife that on Friday I would be taking our daughter with me to visit my Mother. I had made the decision after finding out that my Mom has been doing poorly and I had not seen her for year.

I did not ask my wife as she is in the middle of relapse depression(crack) and over use of her anti anxiety meds (klonipen ).

She blows up and yells and carries on for a while about how I should respect her enough to ask and collaborate on decisions.

She calmed down and then said she would come with us but we needed to buy some Xanex bars for her or she would not be able to go.

I told her we did not need her to go. Now I am a selfish *******.

Ended conversation with asking her to go to rehab and detox again.

Just another day......
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Thank you for putting the best interests of your child before your wife.

No child need be exposed to the chaos of addiction.
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well done, sir.
it gets easier, each time.
i have a son on the way ((oct.22nd!!)), with an xbf who is addicted to opiates. i decided, for my child as well as myself, to leave him and his drama behind me.
you are doing what's best, and what's right. maybe, one day, she'll decide to do that, too.
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Enjoy the time with your mother and daughter. As addicts do, your AW could possibly make it into a trip all about her and her it's ok to take a trip to escape that drama for a while. For you, your daughter and your mother. Enjoy.

gentle hugs
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