Famous Last Words (from my addict) v2.0

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Him: Are you cooking for Thanksgiving
Me: I thought I may for the kids if they wanna come over
Him: I am coming if you do but have it ready by 1:00
Him: I don't know if I will stay long it will depend on how I feel
Me: Your gonna feel the same where ever you are
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"Al-Anon? That's where they teach you to divorce us, right?"
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ok i think this should be posted to every new addict lookin to recover.... -i have heard and said quite a few on here - sad huh - the one that made me cry was the quote that said 'i'm hurt when i see all the family photos and i'm not in any of them....'
i'd like to add i am now back in the picture.... love to all u who fall for it - i did too then i became it... u also made me laugh as the reasons are sooo freakin stupid... but seriously - nothing like a mirror..
hugs Karma
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"It's's in a water bottle." (can I have a sip, I'm dying of thirst?) "Hell no, go find your own."

(Why do I smell wine residue in your coffee travel mug?) "no, I bought grape juice at work and put it in there...must of went bad."

(You're falling, and swaying and can't walk straight) "I can't see, the lights are off." (Nope, they're on)

"I close to many more accounts like this at work, I'm an animal!"

"If you leave me, you'll never find someone as good looking as me."

"The doctor gave these to me, so I have to take them."
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after his intake at rehab with his suitcase in hand:

him: sorry, they said I dont qualify
me: why not?
him: Im a pain sufferer they dont take pain patients.
me: well they have a pain dr. on staff
him: oh! well, no one told me that

after they talk to me.

me: good news! they will take you in
him: what did you tell them alot of lies?
me: no , I told the truth
him: okay, great ..lets do it , Im ready

meanwhile as they come to get him, he pops like 3 pills in his mouth without water..I knew he wasnt going to last long.

next day:

him: the place was very nice, I would go back but only problem is they treat heroin addicts, I dont like being called an addict.
me: well, addiction is addiction..
him: they dont treat pain
me: they have a pain dr.on staff they will give meds without opiotes
him: well there was a pain patient in there lying on the floor screaming in pain I couldnt stand to watch, I got very upset and had to leave.
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I'm new here! Got a few to add. These are good. He works in healthcare.... gets his meth from coworkers.

-"That bag of crystal meth (& cut straw) is narcotics for work."
-"I put those cut straws in my car. I use them to measure out pill dosages for work." [ummm.... he runs payroll]
-"I started using because you gave your attention to everyone else."
-"That giant bag of white powder in my pack of cigarettes is methadone for work. Don't touch it. I'm delivering it to our facility." [uhh.. methadone doesn't come in powder form]
-"I have no idea how that bag of crystal meth in a pack of gum ended up on our dresser. I must have auto-piloted it into my pocket. I thought it was gum."
-"I need to clean the bathroom with the door closed because I don't want the cats to smell the chemicals."
-"I have erectile dysfunction cause you're not 'into' me enough." No, impotence surely isn't a side effect of meth. :P
-"I can't believe you have no faith in me."
-"DON'T GO IN MY CAR!!!!!"
-"I was gone for 2 hours because I got lost."
-"I can quit meth with an outpatient program, but I want to move back into the house, and I'll need you to promise you'll stay with me forever."
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I thought of more.

He spent an awful lot of time hanging out with our meth dealing friend. He claimed:
"I'm trying to help him turn his life around."

When said meth dealer was murdered, he BAWLED... was strangely emotional. He said:
"It must be that I have a heart. You're so callous that you don't understand my pain. You're not there emotionally for me regarding his death."

Guess it sucked to have to find a new supplier!
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"I Love You.."

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"I am going to the bathroom babe, it takes a while" (through the locked door)

"I was making the pen into a shooter" (my brand new pen)

"My phone didn't ring" (a cell phone)

"My phone was on vibrate I didn't hear you calling"

"I only drank a few nippers"

"I only took 4 bags"

"I have no idea why that website was in the history section"

"The guy the sells to me gave me some free coke"

Oh boy... I could go on and on...
Thanks for this!
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