Could have nervous breakdown, but don't have time!

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Could have nervous breakdown, but don't have time!

Feeling so overwhelmed these days. So much to do and so little time. Not getting enough sleep isn't helping me stay focused either.

I get up at 6:00 am, have to have daughter to school by 6:45. Get home and have about 45 minutes til first daycare child gets here. I have 2 babies, ages 5 months and 3 months, they cry all the time. I have one 2nd shift kid til 11:30 pm. My husband does help with her while I go to my grandmas (she's 98) nearly every night to get her dinner.

When I do get to bed shortly after 11:30 pm, I can't get to sleep for about an hour. Then I get up and start over the next day.

I have two kids on saturday for about 4 hours, and on sunday for 9 or so hours. Having to have kids hours I don't want to because if I didn't, the daytime enrollment is not sufficient financially. We are trying to sell the house so I can stop doing childcare, but til it sells, I feel pretty stuck. I wonder each day, just how long it is gonna take to sell the house. I can see no relief until house sells!

I do go to my al-anon meeting every tuesday and I get away on thursdays to go bowling with my friends.

Then there is the general household duties, laundry, bills, shopping, cleaning, etc. There should just be more hours in the day. Wonder what I could do with them!

Wow, feel better having vented this.

Al-anon tells me I need to take care of myself first, but there is so much other stuff to do. Taking care of myself is what I could do with extra hours in the day!
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Originally Posted by wuzzled View Post

Then there is the general household duties, laundry, bills, shopping, cleaning, etc. There should just be more hours in the day. Wonder what I could do with them!
I am exhausted just reading about your day. Can you and your husband divide the household duties?
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WOW Wuzzled! That is ALOT to handle. I don't have any advise for you...except I do somewhat understand. I have temporary custody of my 2 grandkids. My day starts at 6:00am too. One kid to daycare, one kid to school, then off to work at 8. Pick the kids up at 5. Homework, dinner, baths, bedtimes fights and tears and then try to sleep. Try to get my al-anon meeting in for a hour a week is sometimes a struggle too. So I really do understand. If I had to throw a grandmother in I would probably go off the deep end. But that is very sweet of you to take time with her. My AD gets out of rehab in November, so I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. (She better see a light too..LOL)

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way that your load lightens up soon. A 3 month old and a 5 month old.....well I just couldn't imagine. Please hang in there dear.

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prayers for you, honey - that is a FULL Plate

hope you are able to do a few little things throughout the day to "self-care" for you - even if it is a fav cup of coffee, an extra 5 mins in the shower, a minute here and there to recite a slogan to help keep you focused and relaxed - even a moment of meditation/prayer

self- care doesn't always have to be eliborate & expensive - just a few brief seconds out of the day to say "Self, I'm here for you, love you, and will take care of you"

Praying the house sells quickly!!

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That is a very very full plate. You have given up yourself for everyone and everything else. And it IS overwhelming.

Change doesn't come quickly and it doesn't come easily......and it only comes if you make it happen. I've been in that position of being so overwhelmed by my schedule that I've needed to just STOP. Then I arrange the time for me and, lo and behold, I've actually felt lost because I didn't even know what to do!! I was so out of my element. My element was being in a frenzy all the time. Relaxing was literally out of my comfortzone!

I'd go right back to the craziness.....until it landed me in the hospital.....time and time and time again. My body would finally MAKE me shut down that cycle of insanity. I'm slowly learning to take more time for me even if it's little snippets of time. I'm feeling healthier.

I hope that you can stop. Even for a few minutes a day, and breathe. YOU are important and you deserve to be wrapped in self love.

gentle hugs
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