detox at home

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detox at home

what should we give her right now? can we be in trouble for bringing them off of oxy at home? if anyone knows the facts or what the dos and dont are I surely apprieciate your attention, thank you
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It is very dangerous to detox without medical supervision. People die, thinking they can do it at home. Sadly, some from SR have died trying to detox.

Oxy can be very hard to detox from. Please consult your doctor and get some advice from him/her.

Hugs and prayers for all of you.
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DO - consult a doctor. Detox can be dangerous without medical supervision or advice.

DON'T - try to do this on your own. Or without a plan in place for the future.
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My daughter and her BF walked into my house one afternoon asking for help. They were both strung out on OXY. I tried to get her to go to the hospital but she would not leave him. Wasnt going to provide that kind of care for him.

So we made an agreement that they would step down(she could not have handled cold turkey)but that if she got sick we would take her to the ER. I had been stocking up on pedialtye in case she came here. That was the start of things..she was dehydrated.
She had a script for the OXY so no illegal drugs.

It took about 6 weeks to get her healthy and detoxed. They were not allowed to leave or have anyone come here or they were going to be kicked out.

If there is any other way I would say don't put your self through this...I spent many hours on the floor with her holding her due to the pain and other misery. And many evenings listening to the addict fight the disease trying to pass the time.

In the end I am glad she kicked it...but as I said I would try to get professional help.
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My ABF went this route the first time around and not only was it dangerous and painful (he did this at his parents home before we met) he said there were days he really thought he would die. His mom is an ER nurse so I guess he felt she could handle any emergency. Needless to day, after all that, plus 5 years sobriety he recently relapsed. He never got counseling or the tools he needed to truly fight it, he white knuckled it and it did not work. Get some help!
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