Courage is.

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Courage is.

Courage is admitting that you're afraid and facing that fear directly. It's being strong enough to ask for help and humble enough to accept it.

Courage is standing up for what you believe in without worrying about the opinions of others. It's following your own heart, living your own life, and settling for nothing less than the best for yourself.

Courage is daring to take a first step, a big leap, or a different path. It's attempting to do something that no one has done before and all others thought impossible.

Courage is keeping heart in the face of disappointment and looking at defeat not as an end but as a new beginning. It's believing that things will ultimately get better even as they get worse.

Courage is being responsible for your own actions and admitting your own mistakes without placing blame on others. It's relying not on others for your success, but on your own skills and efforts.

Courage is refusing to quit even when you're intimidated by impossibility. It's choosing a goal, sticking with it, and finding solutions to the problems.

Courage is thinking big, aiming high, and shooting far. It's taking a dream and doing anything, risking everything, and stopping at nothing to it make it a reality.

~Caroline Kent
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Recovery gave me courage I never had before, the courage to try.

I chose my signature because for me, sometimes courage was that little voice at the end of the day that said "try again tomorrow".

Nice thread hello-kitty. Thanks for this reminder.
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Thanks so much for posting this. I really needed to hearit today..((Hugs))
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Great post. Love it!

courage is being able to admit you made mistakes and taking responsibility for the situation you find yourself in.
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Thank you for this post. I've spent the day with my parents moving stuff to storage so I can stage my house before I put it up for sale. I will be seeing a divorce attorney next week. It's so much so can be I need courage in abundance these days...because honestly, there's so much of this I don't want to do...but I know I need to do!
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